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7th Meetup: Probabilistic Programming Products

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Jonathan S. and Markus G.


2017... we got there! Meetup #7 will be:

Probabilistic Programming Products - Mike Williams, Director of Research, Fast Forward Labs @mikepqr @fastforwardlabs

Algorithmic innovations like NUTS and ADVI, and their inclusion in end user probabilistic programming systems such as PyMC3 and Stan, have made Bayesian inference a more robust, practical and computationally affordable approach. In this talk Mike will review inference and the algorithmic options, before describing two prototypes that depend on these innovations: one that supports decisions about consumer loans and one that models the future of the NYC real estate market. These prototypes highlight the advantages and use cases of the Bayesian approach, which include domains where data is scarce, where prior institutional knowledge is important, and where quantifying risk is crucial. Finally Mike will touch on some of the engineering and UX challenges of using PyMC3 and Stan models not only for offline tasks like natural science and business intelligence, but in live end-user products. Read more at Fast Forward Labs (

We'll also make 10 mins for lightning talks if anyone wants to get up and quickly tell us all about anything cool they're working on / new packages etc.

General proceedings:
18:30 - Arrive, refreshments, general chatter
19:00 - Talks begin
20:00 - Head to the nearest hostelry for a drink and chat

We're always looking for new speakers, so please stick around and discuss things afterwards.
The Business School, Imperial College
South Kensington Campus, Ayrton Rd, Kensington, London SW7 2AZ · London
How to find us

Room LTG on the Ground Floor of the Drum (inside the main Atrium)

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