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Engage residents of Moral Welfare Home! Music and nail painting.
Hi Kind Souls! We are having a visit to the Home this Christmas weekend! 9.30am: Gather at lobby of Moral Welfare Home. Briefing. Please be on time. This briefing is important for everyone. 9.45am: Start nail painting session with female residents. You DO NOT need to be a pro to do this. There will also be a simple music performance for those who wish to engage the residents by clapping their hands and singing along. Agnes and friends will also be there to gift the residents beautiful balloon sculptures. 11.30am: Start of birthday celebration for November and December babies ~11.45am: End of engagement activity. We will take a group photo and have a quick debriefing. Through these activities, we wish to enhance their social interactions. Most of them just need a listening ear, as they don't receive many visits. *For children below 13 years old, we require their parents to volunteer at Moral Welfare Home with us at least once. If you are between 13-16 years old, please contact us so that we can email you the liability release form for your parents to sign.* Facts about Moral Welfare Home Moral Welfare Home is a destitute home for the disabled. They have about 120+ male and female residents in the home and they all have some form of physical, mental/intellectual disability. All of their residents are wards of the state and under the purview of the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). House rules: 1. Strictly No photo or video taking that could lead to the identification of residents or premises. 2. Strictly No posting/publication on social media that may lead to the identification of the Home and residents. 3. No singing of religious songs or playing of music with religious themes. 4. No preaching of religion. 5. No smoking in the Home. 6. No distribution of hard sweets (like mentos), chewy candy like gummies, jelly, dried fruits with core/seeds, medicated oil/balm/snake powder/cigarettes, cut fruits to the residents.

Moral Welfare Home

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Be Kind SG is a ground-up movement (GUM) that aims to promote Kindness and increase volunteerism through various Micro-volunteering opportunities. We organize volunteering activities to outreach to various ‘invisible’ communities such as adults and seniors with intellectual disabilities, and children and youths with special needs.

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