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If you are frustrated and tired of going from health specialist to health specialist not finding any remedy to your chronic / degenerative health condition or physical pain and are looking for a better understanding of what's happening with your body so you can do something that really makes a difference, then this Meetup is for you!

If you are resigned about having a life of dependency upon chemical medication to manage pain or symptoms and are looking for other possibilities, then this Meetup is for you!

If you are interested in achieving or restoring higher levels of physical energy, vitality, and consciousness then this Meetup is for you!

If you are interested in educating and empowering yourself around learning to become your own doctor and understanding how to resolve health conditions at the source versus just treating symptoms then this Meetup is definitely for you!


Welcome to the wonderful journey into health and vitality!

Health is one of our greatest assets and many refer to the body as a temple, or a vehicle which carries the true Self while we're here on this planet. However, we often treat our cars better than we treat our bodies. This is mostly due to not fully understanding how the choices we make around foods we eat and living impact our body, our vitality, and energy level. There is a tremendous amount of complexity and mis-information around health - much of it due to big business. However, having and maintaining great health is actually something surprisingly simple when one understands how one loses it in the first place.

The mainstream medical system and much of the alternative healing field is all about "treating symptoms" without a very clear understanding of what causes the problem in the first place and not addressing the root cause.

This Meetup is for people who are interested to educate themselves in a different way of looking at health and healing which goes way beyond merely treating and / or suppressing symptoms, or taking the latest well-marketed miracle cure product or diet plan, to looking at a way to resolving one's health issues by understanding and only working with the source of the problem. We are committed to participants becoming empowered and masters of their own health.

The facilitator is a Certified Detoxification Specialist, Chartered Herbalist, teacher, and Coach. This will be a forum for other alternative health care specialists as well.

The price for this group is $10 or "whatever." "Whatever" can be an amount other than $10, or a tangible item that the group leaders can take home with them that you think they might enjoy.

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