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Ok Bay Area... Happy 2019! Now is the time to join together: women, kids, men, and all folks on the gender spectrum, whether you are the 99% or part of the 1%, we continue to be divided by race, gender, power and class, rather than having our diversity be our strength. We teach and use a model, the Be Present Empowerment Model to make and sustain positive change in each person's life. We provide an ongoing community of practice to emerge issues within ourselves and our families, workplaces, schools, and communities and provide training to know ourselves outside of the distress of our oppression. Each person is responsible for her/his own movement. We provide a way to embody the change that we want to see in the world. This is how we keep the movement going after the march, election, retreat or book. Come and create the support you need to make the changes you want to see in your life and world!

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Your Be Present Empowerment Meeting

Bananas Child Care Resource

Happy emerald spring to each and all Be Present Community! We are so excited about 2019 as our year of Evolution. This is our 36th year of development thanks to the incredible legacy of Black women and girls here in the Bay Area as well as throughout the nation and world, now expanded to include all people. www.BePresent.org has more of our history which started with one woman, Lillie Allen, our founder and Creatrix of Play. We are looking to support the development of each and every person to create the support that each person needs to actualize their own vision. Enduring progressive change begins with and is sustained by persistant personal growth. This change moves out into our lives, families, schools, workplaces, and organizations. We welcome folks of all ages...bring the kids in your lives so they can meet our awesome youth leaders and get the support, along with you, to make and sustain positive change. We, your Be Present Bay Area Core Organizing Group, have over 98 cumulative years of Be Present experience. Come see for yourself how we have transformed our lives and know that it is so very possible for you, too! We are passionate about developing each persons leadership and we offer that level of support. experience and play! In exuberant community, Amandla, Jordan, Medea, Petik, Rahmah, and Raheem

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Be Present in 2019: Your Be Present Empowerment Meeting

Bananas Child Care Resource

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