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Every person, woman or man or child, has the right to feel safe and secure in every situation she/he may find themselves in. Personal safety is your personal responsibility.

Every victim of an attack, theft, sexual assault, etc. was taken by SURPRISE. My goal is to eliminate that surprise and help you prep for the worst, so you never have to deal with the worst.

All too often a person's safety is compromised because she/he did not recognize the signs of a dangerous situation forming until it it is too late. In this group we will learn to; recognize the access a variety of situations and settings, gauge threat levels, establish boundaries, deescalate situations and learn effective decisive action.

The goal of this group is to equip you with vital knowledge to improve your self-defensive capability, and take you from a potential victim to your own hero.

This group is here to encourage you take your sense of safety into your own hands and help you be more independent. Whether you are practicing martial artist, newbie with zero experience, a previous victim of assault or just curious, all are welcome. This is a safe learning zone.

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