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I am so happy that you are here. This group was created to share health and wellness knowledge. Knowledge is power and sometimes just knowing what prevents us from having the vibrant healthy life we deserve brings us the awareness we need for change.

Whether you are looking for advice on how to lose weight, get fit, eat healthier, manage stress, have more energy, or generally just to feel great in your body each and every day, Be True To You will provide the guidance and support that you need to create a vibrant, healthy YOU.

Be True To You is a regular meetup where we will present practical tools and exercises that everyone can use to transform their health and wellbeing. Each month, a different topic will be covered related to health, wellness, fitness, emotional and spiritual well-being. This Holistic approach to health and wellness encourages natural, intuitive ways to achieving abundant health as well as science-backed traditional tools.

Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas and challenges in the question and answer period of the meetup so that future meetups can be customized to centre around common concerns and needs.

As a Certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, I have a variety of tools in my toolkit to help you achieve a greater state of wellbeing. My focus is holistic: seeing each person as a whole. Holistic Health can be defined as an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness, specific parts of the body or limiting beliefs, I help you to focus on the positives and in turn, the positives come to you, resulting in better health.

I welcome EVERYONE who is yearning to have abundant health and vitality to join me in creating a group of vibrant healthy beings who have the capacity to change anything! Having abundant health and wellness is within everyone's reach; we just need to learn to apply the God-given gifts we were born with to achieve what we want.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is often credited as saying "Life is a journey, not a destination". So too is health. "Health is a journey, not a destination" ~~Jennifer Southam

I look forward to meeting you!

Yours in health and wellness,


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