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This is a group for anyone interested in health and wellness with focus on alternative medicine and different therapies. Events will include yoga, restorative workshops, crystal bowls, new moon & full moon workshops, Mala Making, drum circles, mindfulness classes and more!

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Reiki Level II Certification

Be Well Acupuncture

Reiki Level II is when the true magic happens. In this course,students will receive three sacred reiki symbols in their attunement. We will go over each symbol and how to use it in our practice. This course will be very hands on and will focus on healing others. Reiki level ii can help physical and spiritual ailments as well as healing through distance and time. This is a beautifully intense course and a world of healing energy that you have always had inside you will be revealed. The attunement effects will take course over the next few months after this course. Students will be taught how to interpret their reiki sessions so they can better aid their clients. Crystal healing will be introduced in this course. When this course is complete you will now be an official reiki practitioner. You can use this title for self care, business and for charity work with sick people or pets. Pre-Requisite: Reiki Level I and one months time between reiki Level I and reiki Level II with at least 11 practice sessions of reiki I before attending reiki II. Cost: $150 Must Register and Pay in advance with link below https://squareup.com/store/inner-calm-llc/item/reiki-ii-training

Quoya $15

Be Well Acupuncture

Qoya combines Music, Mindfulness and Movement in a sacred, healing, community based way. We do this to connect with ourselves and others on a healing level through remembering our essence as wise, wild and free. Qoya uses the wisdom of yoga, the wildness and creativity of dance as well as the freedom to move in sensual, healing ways, the way our ancestors did to bring about community and healing, letting movement be the medicine. The beauty of this is that you cannot do it wrong! Must Register in Advance with Eventbrite ticket - link below. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/qoya-15-tickets-53317605393?aff=efbeventtix&fbclid=IwAR1MNZQjW26MPUKRfe0-mB6eAhY6GB1gT3T8XjULGtKHOlPQQ4m3nE0ZgzA

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Couple's Thai Bodywork Workshop

Be Well Acupuncture

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