What we're about

This group is an intentional community of people who enjoy self-improvement, empathy, intelligent conversation, and critical thinking. We’ll do a variety of activities, perhaps related to:

- New Year’s Resolutions
- Financial goal planning
- Learning self-confidence
- Business/career goals mastermind
- Leadership development
- Book club with books related to self-improvement or professional skills
- Meditation
- Non-Violent Communication
- Overcoming the fear of public speaking
- Advanced public speaking skills
- Providing feedback in a constructive way
- Soft skills practice
- Board games
- Interactive murder mystery events
- Discussing big problems and possible solutions
- Being there for each other
- Learning new ideas and concepts
- Community building
- Self exploration
- Cooking
- Walking meetings / nature walks
- Hypnosis
- Digital wellbeing
- Escape rooms

To be clear, this is not a group where there is one expert everyone is learning from. We are a community. You might think of it as a mastermind, a community organization, small group or group of accountability partners.

As a community, we will decide what we want to do, and how best to do it or learn it. There will be a variety of events to work on different goals and parts of ourselves. Sometimes we'll just have fun, sometimes we'll have highly structured practical events, and sometimes we'll have loose discussions. Join and speak up to say what you'd like to experience.

Key principles:

Empathy: be kind. Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Brighten people’s day. Try to consider the needs behind people’s words and actions.

Self-improvement: you never run out of ways to get better, and should always be motivated to do your best

Evidence-based: practice critical thinking. Experiment. Avoid making assumptions. Focus on what is proven to be true, not what we want to be true.

Purpose: we do our best for ourselves and others when we focus on what matches our personality and life goals.

Community: no one is an island. We should do what is right for ourselves, but also consider how we can help and connect with others in the world.

Fallibility: nobody’s perfect. Rather than ignore that, we need to work with that if we realistically want results.

If that sounds like the sort of people you want to be around, join us!

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Self Improvement Book Club - Year of Yes
Business Mastermind

Panera Bread

Business Mastermind

Panera Bread

Non Violent Communication Practice Session

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