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A shout out to all of you who have dreams!

Be a DreamCatcher, someone who not only know their dreams, but also to find it in them to pursue that dream. We will help you to explore your potentials that will allow you to leverage, plan and execute your plan to make your dreams come true.

Let's see how we can assist you if you are seeking for ways to reach your dreams, at a crossroad of opportunities, crossroad in life, feeling a need for a breakthrough or simply the first step to move forward.

We are a team of coaches who specializes in different niches like health, finance, career and life coaching. We are here to offer you an initial safe environment to discuss the challenges you face.

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Are you feeling lost because you are not sure how to start working towards your goal; or you are facing some challenge and issue that you do not know how deal to with; or you are at a cross road in life and not sure how to proceed; or you just want to overcome procrastination? You are looking for assistance and help but not sure who and wondering whether coaching is suitable. We are here for you. We are a team of coaches with different niches in wellness, career and life coaching. We provide a safe and supportive environment for you to discover your potentials and answers within yourself, which will help you to handle and answer those questions that you have. We are here to help you gain clarity and confidence to craft an action plan that will help you to take the first step towards overcoming your challenges. After the session, you will walk away with a new realization, awareness and perspective of yourself. There will be a charge of SGD 15 for the coaching session. Please register here: https://bit.ly/30NrMVi Should you have any questions, do drop us a message here and we will get back to you. Be a DreamCatcher and let your dreams come true!

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Experience 1-to-1 Transformation Coaching

Oromo Coffee

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