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How often is it, that we want to improve ourselves in some way. Perhaps we'd like to dance better, or we'd like to lose weight, or we'd like to try to improve our mental health.
Maybe we want to be kinder to others or to be more assertive or get better at baking.
Every one of us has so many goals and dreams but it can be a real struggle to achieve them for many reasons.
1) We don't set aside time to think about our goals and dreams.
2) We feel like we're fighting these battles alone and that can be hard.
3) We see repeated failures, and lose hope.
4) We have no one to hold us accountable.
5) We don't have a plan
and a multitute of other reasons.
My goal with this group is to have a compassionate, inspiring and welcoming group that meets regularly and talks about what our goals are, our successes and failures, our strategies, what worked, what didn't.
The hope is that this will become a place of support, accountability, inspiration and connection, giving us just the boost we need to improve our lives in whatever way we desire.

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