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Cronos Leuven

This is a meetup at the Reactive Programming Belgium Meetup that I'm cross-publishing here. Please, subscribe there instead: https://www.meetup.com/Reactive-Programming-Belgium/events/258666208 ------------------------------------------------ Our next event will be a co-op with the Belgian Scala User Group. Our guest speaker is Renato Cavalcanti who works for Lightbend (formerly Typesafe), the company behind the Scala programming language, Akka and Lagom. Akka & Reactive Programming are a perfect match, using the concepts of the Actor model & Akka Streams. In this talk, Renato will give an introduction to Akka gRPC and how it can be integrated with Akka Http, Play and Lagom. gRPC is a schema-first RPC framework, where your protocol is declared in a protobuf definition, and requests and responses will be streamed over an HTTP/2 connection. Based on a gRPC service definition, Akka gRPC can generate model classes, service API (backed by Future and Akka Streams API), server infrastructure and a gRPC client. 18:00 Welcome with food & drinks 18:30 Start presentation 20:00 Drinks & networking

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