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Join us here for all of The best in free beach yoga and sliding scale beach yoga listed in one place

San Diego and surrounding areas neighborhoods like LaJolla Delmar Torrey Pines Pacific Beach Ocean Beach Coronado will post them here

this is your homebase for all Beach yoga and mindfulness meditation in nature offerings in San Diego

She sponsored by the sunset yoga hay San Diego who offers khighly curated off beaten path mindful excursions with beach yoga, cliff yoga and yoga hikes into oceanfront canyons and ridges

We are the orginal top rated mindful beach yoga program in Hawaii also offering MBSR mindfulness courses and retreats in partnership with a non profit wholistic medical center

we hold space in the most stunning more off beaten path areas on beaches, cliffs and canyons of La jolla, Del Mar, Torre Pines, Coronado and Ocean Beach and San Diego wide.

Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii's highly ranked and reviewed yoga style full of nature and aloha has come to San Diego to foster like minded communities of people seeking higher awareness and depth in their dailys.

Focused on the same principals of underscoring the authenthic purpose of yoga's rare benefits towards mindfulness and consciousness.

India trained Ashtanga based vinyasa flow on the grassy hills of LaJollas beaches and throughout rustic cliffs and beaches in San Diego.

*this meetup group is sponsored in
part by:
beach sunset yoga san diego / beach sunset yoga hawaii - offering Beach Yoga in raw nature - yoga hikes and mindfulness courses wellness retreats all San Diego / La Jolla Ocean Beach / Delmar Coronado



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