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UPDATE: DUE TO COVID19! See the following UPDATES:

9/14/2020: I miss the beach as much as you do so I have decided to control the numbers of those who wish to come to Beach Yoga, I will teach small groups up to 8 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!!!! SO If you and a group of friends wish to come and meet me on the beach (IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE OCEAN HAMMOCK BEACH EITHER), we can set up a time for once a week or once a month to meet just for you and your group. For Tourist visiting, email me and we can set up a day and time for our class. SOCIAL DISTANCING WILL STILL BE REQUIRED!!!

PLEASE NOTE: EMAIL or TEXT Confirmation is necessary to keep the class. If no one confirms the class two hours prior to class, I will NOT appear. Prepayment for all classes and appointments will be required as well to confirm the classes. (I will send reminders the day before to attendees. Also, we can reschedule all prepaid classes. I will come to the location even if ONE person confirms for all or solely themselves.) Fees will all be on a sliding scale from $2 - $12 a class pp depending on your situation. You can send payment through PayPal: billing@nurevealyoga.com or Zelle. I want to make these small group offerings open to ALL whoever wishes to come and visit. Thank you for understanding with my limitations since I do live with 2 HIGH-RISK INDIVIDUALS. Love you ALL!!!!

If you have NEVER taken a class with me, you can preview my style of teaching on NuReveal Yoga's YouTube channel. (www.youtube.com/c/nurevealyoga) Be safe! Be Well! Namaste!

June 2020 update:

SPOKE TO CITY MANAGER 'S OFFICE AGAIN AND WE DO NOT NEED A PERMIT FOR OUR CLASSES as long as we have less than 10 people in the group with 6ft apart following CDC guidelines. CDC guidelines and social distancing restrictions remain in place.

Distancing and Industry Guidelines - It is recommended that the public continue to adhere to the CDC social distancing guidelines of limiting gatherings to no more than 10 persons and maintaining a minimum distance of six feet between parties. Guidelines regarding restaurants, retail, and other business operations can be found at www.sjcfl.us/coronavirus (http://www.sjcfl.us/coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR1Bds7NfbXibD3OUjKKvNJnE-gSg1khqlPhm_OWwrpNmJIlSeDF27kmBzo).

However, since I have a high-risk family member at home and the numbers have increased in Florida, I cannot see Beach Yoga happening any time soon as long as the 6 ft distancing is required. The Boardwalk crossing is my Number one concern. Your health and safety are my NUMBER ONE priority. Weather Permitting, I teach at my front yard (limited to 5 people) during the week Tuesday and Thursday mornings if you wish to join us, please refer to http://www.momoyoga.com/NuRevealYoga.

Be safe. Be well. Much love!!! Namaste.


Parentheses prior to Covid19 [Come enjoy the open ocean air and practice yoga in the sand. Bring your yoga mat, beach towel, or blanket and set up with Luna for beginner to intermediate beach yoga. Relax, Breathe, and Rejuvenate! Dates and times may vary, please see full schedule.]

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