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What we’re about


Come join us at Robert C Frazee State Beach, located at Pine & Carlsbad Blvd, in Carlsbad. We offer classes during the week and weekend for ONLY $20.00 per class or $15 with the purchase of a 10 class punch card for $150 with a 6 month expiration. We provide a friendly, fun beach yoga experience so you feel comfortable in class in order to practice the teachings of Yoga that will benefit your life. What you chose to take from the experience is strictly up to you.

In our classes we teach, but not limited too...... movement/poses to lengthen muscles for more flexibility, proper alignment which will bring challenge and growth to your practice, focusing on engaging core muscles for strength and balance, breathing techniques and meditation- a practice to bring awareness to the mind allowing one to live in the present moment of stillness to cleanse the mind and relax the body, reduce stress and/or anxiety, self connect with feeling/emotions and internalize peace and harmony. It provides us with the opportunity to pause and connect to our own divinity. For that time, rather than something separate from ourselves, we're actually connecting to what is highest within us.
All levels of practice are welcomed.  Our Instructors offer modifications for any level, limitations and/or injuries.
All yoga instructors are certified in yoga and hold other degrees and/or certifications which allows them to bring different styles, personality, experience and practice to the mat. This diversity allows us to provide more classes and impact more people for various reasons. See our photo page for instructor bio's
It's important to us to provide a different yoga experience for you on the beach. Whether it's mentally, physically, spiritual/self growth, a lifestyle change, health reasons or just because..... we are here to support you on whatever journey you are on through the practice of beach yoga. Remember..... "Along the journey, it's the positive choices we make in our lives which creates change causing movement/growth so we can reach our destination/goal. There will always be detours. It's how you handle the detours that will make the difference in whether or not you reach your destination so just keep pushing forward!". So what are you waiting for? Join our group today! You just might see a dolphin show or do a dolphin pose!
The classes are ran and managed by Carlsbad Village Athletic Clubs. CVAC is partnered with Carlsbad's CA State Beach Parks and local businesses to provide residents and guests of this community with options of fun, healthy, social activities on the beach.
For more information visit and/or "Like" us on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you on the beach.
We wish you a peaceful soul, good health and much gratitude for inquiring about our group. Namaste....