What we're about

Our mission at Beach City Sports is to create an adult playground in the greatest place on earth, SoCal! Whether it be flag football - our most popular sport - or one of our ever changing and creative social outings, you're sure to have have a blast. Whether you are new to the area or have been here all of your life, join us on one of our group outings to some of the most beautiful beaches on the West Coast. Or, meet us in our backyard for some Beach Soccer as the sun warms your heart and the waves crash in the background.

With over 1000 seasonal players and counting, meeting new people, making new friends and even linking up with old friends is almost sure to happen at any one of our events. We pride ourselves on delivering the most organized sporting and social events with creative new ideas that ALWAYS keep things fun and exciting.

As part of the Beach City Sports family, we value your opinion; so feel free to be heard and contact us directly with an suggestions and or concerns. Together, we can make Beach City Sports the "gateway" to social life in SoCal.

As our motto says: "Get social.....life's a beach!"

Past events (43)

Sunday Irvine Sand Volleyball : Summer 2020

Huntington Beach

Thursday Newport Beach Volleyball : Summer 2020

Balboa Pier

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