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This group explores various alternative remedies for improving the symptoms of anxiety and depression. The goal is to have total control over how we manage the symptoms. Long-term drug treatment is disastrous and does nothing more than prolong the illness by keeping it at manageable level. It's time to stop making drug companies rich. Doctors are so eagle to diagnose everyone with depression nowadays, it's appalling . They're even putting a record number of millenials on anti-depressant. This is so wrong in every way.
There are so many natural ways to combat this disease. This is where we take the first steps. Everyone will experience positive change as we take this group journey towards discovering inner strength and understanding of how our mind functions.

This group welcomes both sufferers and people wanting to help by being positive influencers. Members will engage in guided discussions, at times, fun therapeutic trivials but most importantly members will support each other in their healing paths. We are crerating a virtual positive environment where everyone is allow to safely express any thoughts they want and will never be judged. No bullying, mocking, or abusive language. There will be zero tolerance for such attempts.

Why did I start this group? First of all, I'm sick and tired of doctors giving patients those same 6-7 questionnaire to force everyone into a depression diagnosis when they only came in for allergy. I feel the industry is recruiting cash cows from normal healthy people to be put on long term meds. This has to stop. If the drug does what it suppose to, why are we one of the biggest population of depressed people in the world? We are a very isolated culture which can lead people to dive into thoughts in all the wrong directions. We will explore the roots of the problem and work our way out of that darkness. I would like to invite everyone who's ready to free themselves once and for all and adopt a new attitude that combats depression and uncontrollable anxiety instead of succumbing to th illness. Many young people today are exposed to many social situations that they have no way of managing such as being bullied , porn-addiction to PTSD, which often will lead to long term depression. We welcome you guys too! We are open to members of both genders and anything in between.

Why is there a member's fee? This is a way to weed out people who are simply joining as observers. We want all members to be actively engaged anyway they can. Participate in purposeful discussions. People who are serious about a cure and are open to expressing personal progress and setbacks. Also, becuase of the nature of this group, I will be spending a lot of time corresponding with members, which can be equivalent of a part time to full time job. I believe the fee is a small price to pay for the kind of values you will acquire from this group. If you're a mental health professional, I would not recommend this meetup for you because you will find our methods to contradict your traditional treatment and views. We don't need institutional expert to advocate for their established standards that most likely don't work anyways, or a lot less people would be drepressed. So, unless you're very open minded and open to learn, we don't encourage mental health professionals to join. We are not looking back on old treatments but new innovative ones that actually cures. Please feel free to send me a message with any question you may have.
It's time to detox our mind and spirit of the debilitating poisons. This is not a physical disease. The mind can totally be reprogrammed. Let's live happily and carefree like we did as little children.
Thank you!

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