What we're about

Successful Entrepreneur Women of Beaufort come together to exchange business, wisdom & support.

Network and Capitalize on the Connections made in our meetings. Promote yourself and share who you are and why you launched your business. Tell us what success you have experienced and how you achieved it.

We are a professional networking group of Women Entrepreneurs connecting with one another who share the like-minded courage it takes to Launch out into the world your Product, Service or Mission.

Our Mission is to lead a movement of Women Entrepreneurs from Beaufort and surrounding areas in sharing out loud their experiences, challenges and Success’s.

Every meeting will cover a particular series of open mic Talking points on subjects that effect women in business on an on going basis. Thought and heart provoking discussions we will all learn from and relate to.

The GIVE Table : at every meeting we have a table where your cards, flyers, brochures, gifts and discounts can be displayed. — Bring to the group an offer from your business we can use to get to know who you are by visiting your location.


Penelope Whichello

31 Years of being a Woman in Business

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