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Beautiful Game FC was started so wethough rather small, was giving a meager sum to the roundstarfoundation.org as two coaches went and set up clinics to coach kids and also teachers who want to lead community teams in Zimbabwe.

We are building our charity work as Beautiful Game grows. So we ask for $2 donations per game to cover our costs.

Meetup is a great website that connects all of us soccer lovers but in case you did not know. It is not free. Meetup charges $45 every 3 months to use it. Simple math= 3 months, goes into 12 months, 4 times. That’s $180 per year to use Meetup.

We also provide top quality gear. We play with 6 foot Pugg nets, cones, a kick-ass (pun intended) FIFA authentic Bola Official ball of Brasil ($150) and not so world class bibs. We hope to get nicer bibs in the future.

We want to keep our current schedule of Mon-Wed-Fri 1pm kickoffs but I'm not able to make it

If your attitude is like ‘F*ck this shit no way I’m paying for pickup soccer in NYC!’ that’s cool there are many other soccer Meetup groups. But if you are like I like what they do, but have no job, hence I play soccer in the middle of the day during the work week, and I can’t afford $2- talk to us and that is cool. We understand. It’s all about helping those that could use it. And if you are broke and playing soccer, I call that therapeutic

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Co-Ed SOCCER game at Sternberg park

Needs a location

Beautiful game FC is BACK!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Coed Soccer pick up GAME✌️🫶⚽️⚽️⚽️
3$ Donation is welcome but not mandatory👍
Come out and bring a friend✌️

Just a few rules :

1 BE on time!!

2 only TURF SHOES!!

3 NO Sliding tackles

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Pick Up Soccer

Needs a location

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