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Learn mindfulness meditation to help you calm your restless mind and experience the world more richly. This group is an extension of the Bromley mindfulness meditation group that have been meeting since 2013 in Bromley.
If you are interested in mindfulness, in meditation, or just want to find some calm and peace of mind then please pop in.

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Mindfulness Course over 6 weeks

Bromley Mindfulness

Feel happier, more focused and less stressed in six weeks. Attend our 6-Week Mindfulness course and transform your ability to cope with difficult situations, unhelpful thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. Our structured mindfulness training courses focus on building your emotional resilience. In life, negative events and difficult situations will naturally arise. By attending this course you will have the tools and knowledge to reduce the negative effect on your life. This will leave you happier, less stressed and more content. In addition to the latest mindfulness and resilience techniques, students benefit from real-life examples, one-to-one guidance and an understanding of why they think and feel the way they do. Location - 5 minutes walk from Bromley South Station For details of the course, please look here: http://bromleymindfulness.org.uk/mindfulness-courses/ For pricing or any other information contact Robert at [masked]

Thursday Evening Mindfulness Meditation Class in Orpington

Orpington Village Hall

Step out of your daily grind and join us at the excellent and modern Orpington Village Hall for a regular meditation class every Thursday for one hour at 8 pm from Thursday 13th September. We have the Frank Whymark room which can hold twenty people in air-conditioned comfort. The room is double-glazed and sound insulated so new meditators don’t need to compete with traffic noise etc. Orpington Village hall is a modern events facility just off the War Memorial roundabout by Tesco’s at the southern end of the high street and is a ten-minute walk from the station which has mainline trains into Bromley, London, Sevenoaks and the coast. The sessions are zero-commitment, no need to book, regular classes where you can just turn up as it suits you for a calming and relaxing meditation and mindfulness experience. Session Fees Single Session £10 Pass – 4 sessions £34 (£8.50 per session) Pass – 8 sessions £56 (£7 per session) ***Parking*** Tesco Car Park, 9 Augustus Lane, Orpington, BR6 0NH – opposite the halls (first two hours free then pay and display) Memorial Car Park, Euro Car Parks, Augustus Lane, Orpington, BR6 0EX – opposite the halls (multi-storey pay and display) Commodore Car Park, Gravel Pit Way, Orpington, London, BR6 0NN – behind the halls (open air pay and display) ***Disabled parking*** There are six ‘pay and display’ parking bays immediately outside Orpington Village Hall together with a loading bay. Additional disabled parking spaces are further north on the High Street, near McDonalds, and on the opposite side of the road towards Knoll Rise, a turning off the High Street on its western side. Blue Badge holders will be able to use any of the pay and display bays free of charge. Numerous buses pass nearby.

Saturday Morning Mindfulness at 10 AM

Mansion @ Beckenham Place Park Park

Step out of your daily grind and into our beautiful meditation space to experience a serene and inspiring escape from your busy life. Find the inner peace that comes from expertly guided group meditations. The meditation classes are held twice each week in the sedate 18th century Georgian Drawing Room of the Grade II listed Beckenham Place Mansion which has a panoramic view of 237 acres of carefully tended gardens, lawns and flowers. The Mansion is a decorate and graceful space that sits in natural stillness, offering an inspiring and ideal place to practice mindfulness and meditation without distraction. You will feel better, happier and more relaxed from visiting our pleasant retreat designed to bring calm, comfort and quiet. Beckenham Place Park is being recovered for the wider community with £4.9M of Lottery funding. We are fortunate to have access to such a perfect location which enables a connection to the stillness and serenity of nature into our meditation experience in such a graceful way. We are surrounded by transport links with four stations less than twenty minutes walk away, many buses and free parking directly outside the building. See below for details. The Mansion has a cafe which is the centre of the growing community so we can easily continue our regular social meet ups that are such a key part of the Bromley Mindfulness meditation and mindfulness community. The sessions are zero-commitment, no need to book, regular classes where you can just turn up as it suits you in what must be one of the best locations possible for a calming and relaxing meditation and mindfulness experience. First dates at Beckenham Place Park Saturdays start date: 1st July at 11am. Wednesdays start date: 12th July at 1pm. The Mansion The Mansion, originally the home of the Cator family, was built in 1760 and has been signifcantly remodelled over time. It is a Grade II listed building and is built in the Palladian style. We are booked generally for the Drawing Room, also known as the East Room though in certain circumstances, we will locate in either the Dining Room or other rooms. Facilities and Social The Drawing Room and the Dining Room have disabled access. If you are disabled, please contact us before attending to ensure that we are using one of these rooms as from time to time we may be asked to use other rooms at the venue. There is free parking just outside the mansion. There is a cafe at the back of the mansion. It is open from 9am to 3pm weekdays and 9am to 4pm on weekends. Community The Mansion is the home of a thriving community of artists, craftsmen, designers and wellbeing practitioners. There is a yoga studio on site with a full programme of activities. See the links below for details. Location The Drawing Room in The Mansion, Beckenham Place Park, Beckenham Hill Road, BR3 1UH. Times and days Saturdays 10am to 11am Wednesdays 1pm to 2pm Prices Single Session £10 Pass – 4 sessions £34 (£8.50 per session) Pass – 8 sessions £56 (£7 per session) Concessions for the unwaged Pay whatever you can afford Transport There is free parking directly outside The Mansion. The Mansion is situated between four stations: - Beckenham Hill (ten-minute walk) - Beckenham Junction (fifteen-minute walk) - Ravensbourne (twenty minutes walk, almost all of which is through the park) - New Beckenham (twenty minutes walk) The 54 bus passes the Mansion and numerous bus routes pass nearby. Tramlink trams stop at Beckenham Junction which is a fifteen-minute walk. We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Please contact Robert if you have any questions - [masked]

Mindfulness Meditation for the Modern Mind

Chantry Studios

Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness meditation is a collection of meditation techniques we can use to help us to experience mindfulness. We need to practice these because the modern world, and our modern lives create a set of new responses to our experience that overrides mindfulness and leaves us in a complex world stretching into the past, into our complicated lives and also into many possible and even more complicated futures. This creates a mental burden that can become increasingly more difficult to bear as we become separated from our present moment experience and the drumbeat of our repetitive modern lives sounds persistently in our minds. Mindfulness Mindfulness is ‘the undistracted awareness of the experience of the present moment’ (my definition). Mindfulness is a natural sensory experience of now that is deeply programmed into our brains as a way of staying calmly aware of our environment so that we can be quickly aware of threats or hazards. Mindfulness is not an effortful state. Your cat, when it walks across the lawn is acutely aware of all sound and movement and smell as it seems to stroll along nonchalant and relaxed. The tiniest movement or smell or sound and it is instantly frozen and scanning its environment to increase its awareness to ascertain if it is predator or prey that has caused the signal. The cat is experiencing mindfulness. Mindfulness is a natural trait that we share with other mammals. Mindfulness Meditation Everyone meditates for a reason, and usually, for one of these three reasons: they may have a busy mind (possibly a worrying mind), they may be experiencing anxiety, or they may be experiencing stress. Meditation Generally, people meditate in the hope that doing so will help them to become calmer, more relaxed and focused. They don’t want to change their lives, they just want to leave the stress, worry and anxiety behind. They want to find space in their overcrowded lives. The Problem with Meditation When we begin to learn to meditate, we inevitably bring these expectations to our training. If we learn to meditate in what I now call the ‘traditional’ way, which is trying to fit in a new regular daily practice at a set time and to meditate, usually noticing our breath, for ten or fifteen minutes or for longer, then these expectations will usually work against us. Learning meditation with a busy life Busy people normally have the busiest minds. Because of this, busy people instantly have a number of problems when they learn to meditate. Their busy mind will become busy while they sit quietly in meditation which may well cause them to be irritated and frustrated while they meditate. They will probably set up a competition with their mind to try to silence or calm it. This simply doesn’t work and usually makes meditation a seriously unsatisfactory experience. They may experience stress during meditation because for the first time in possibly a long time, they aren’t being distracted by their busyness of the contents of their minds and the mind will tend to wander to problems, incomplete tasks, worries etc. They will probably struggle to find the time to fit in this possibly uncomfortable new practice which will then have to compete with countless other activities, many of which may well have an immediate payoff. They will quite probably not experience more calmness, focus or relaxation in the early stages of their meditation practice. So when meditation is taught in the traditional way, it is rarely adopted as a regular practice and is either stopped completely or drifts into the ‘nice to have in the future when I have the time’ category. Prices: Single Session - £10 Pass - 4 Sessions £34 (£8.50 per session) Pass - 8 Sessions £56 (£7 per session) Please contact Robert if you have any questions - [masked]

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Saturday Morning Mindfulness at 10 AM

Mansion @ Beckenham Place Park Park

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