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What we’re about

Are you ready to do some art and meet like-minded people?

So you came to the right place! =D
You don't have to be a traditional artist, have an art degree, be the "creative type" or be born with the "gift" (I hate this concept) to make art and express yourself artistically. Art is for everybody that wants to make art. It doesn't require a formal training, just the will to express something. It doesn't have to be shown as well. It just has to be made and explored. Art is a channel for your feelings to be translated while you are doing it.

This Meetup group is to bring together people that are looking for a personal growth through creative expression. To empower everyone to get involved in personal artistic projects.

It's a creative playground and a safe environment to explore self expression.

We will test tools and techniques together, get inspired by other artists, talk about how to get in touch with our creative side and also make like-minded friends in our journey. There will be a combination of free and paid events.

Look forward to meeting you!

And welcome to Become an Artist - London!



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