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Are you ready to do some art and meet like-minded people?

So you came to the right place! =D

You don't have to be a traditional artist, have an art degree, be the "creative type" or be born with the "gift" (I hate this concept) to make art and express yourself artistically. Art is for everybody that wants to make art. It doesn't require a formal training, just the will to express something. It doesn't have to be shown as well. It just has to be made and explored. Art is a channel for your feelings to be translated while you are doing it.

This Meetup group is to bring together people that are looking for a personal growth through creative expression. To empower everyone to get involved in personal artistic projects.

It's a creative playground and a safe environment to explore self expression.

We will test tools and techniques together, get inspired by other artists, talk about how to get in touch with our creative side and also make like-minded friends in our journey. There will be a combination of free and paid events.

To create better events for you, please let us know: What do you struggle with the most when creating art? (http://www.meetup.com/Become-an-Artist-London/messages/boards/thread/49878189/#129292358)

Also, what kind of art would you like to be doing. Vote here! (http://www.meetup.com/Become-an-Artist-London/polls/1203077/)

Look forward to meeting you!

And welcome to Become an Artist - London!

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Paint With Light - Creative Photography Workshop

Lambeth North Station


*** RSVP today for an early bird ticket. The price will go up closer to the date. Full price £35. Thank you. Hi everyone! Welcome to the 'Paint With Light - Creative Photography Workshop'. This is your chance to take some truly creative pictures. What exactly is Light Painting? Light painting is a photographic technique that uses different lighting elements during a single long exposure photograph. By painting or drawing in the air with a beam of light, you can create unique images which explore the endless possibilities of photography. I will guide you through the process of painting with light using the "Manual Mode" of your camera. I've built some "light painting brushes" made from torches/LED lights and I also have a programed LED strip that we will use to create amazing images. It's so much fun! All levels are welcome! :) Meet like-minded people who share your passion for photography in a fun and relaxed environment. What to expect: - Learn to set your camera for light painting on manual mode (Please check if your camera has Manual Mode); - Creative brainstorm; - Play with the "light painting brushes"; - A very friendly environment for a small group of 6; - Talk about ways to improve your images; - Have fun experimenting with a different technique Hope you can join us! Cheers Juliana (mobile number will be sent for those that RSVP) ________________________________________________ SOME IMPORTANT STUFF Price: Full price: £35 Early Bird: £25 Payment: If you don't have PayPal please leave a comment below so we can sort it. Time: Meet at 6:30pm for a 6:45pm start. Meeting: In front of Lambeth North Station. Look for a tall girl with a Meetup sign and an umbrella full of lights. Hard to miss. haha What to bring: - A camera that has Manual Mode (Please check your gear). - TRIPOD (essential - I have an extra tripod. Let me know if you need one) - Extra batteries (Come with fully charged batteries - long exposures use a lot of your battery) - Lens hood (optional) - A trigger (optional) - Please wear dark warm clothes. This is very important. For some of the effects we will need everybody to participate and in order to avoid appearing in the pictures dark clothes are essential. Also remember that this is an outdoor event so it gets colder than usual. - An umbrella or a rain poncho (essential - something to protect you from the occasional drizzle) - A snack (optional). ________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE: The fee paid is refundable just in case the event is cancelled and not reschedule. And If for any reason you are late or cannot make it, it's alright. :) Just please send me a message. Thanks. ****By signing up for this event, you agree to our Terms and Conditions (https://www.meetup.com/Become-an-Artist-London/pages/21648823/Terms_and_Conditions/). We may arrange for photographs and/or video footage to be taken at events and used for promotional purposes. If you do not wish for your image to be used in this manner, you must notify us prior to the event.

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Sunday Photo Walk

St James Street Station


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