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Become an Artist - London
Become an Artist - London
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Hi everybody,

Would you like your photos to stand out from the crowd?

Do you compare yourself to others and wish you had more awesome shots but don't know where to start?

Do you want your photos to be more artistic than just snaps?

If yes, than you came to the right place.

Developing your creative skills will make all the difference. I've been studying creativity for some time now and the best way to improve yours is to practice. Yes, you read it right. Creativity can be practiced. It's like a muscle that gets stronger if you exercise. Also, there are some techniques that help you do that.

I work in the creative field (with video, design, and photography ( and my clients expect from me creative solutions for their projects. To deliver that I'm always studying and finding ways to develop my creativity. My job relies on that.

People ask me all the time how I come up with my pictures. Some are very simple and easy to create using just my camera and light effects, like these:

And sometimes more elaborate and even using more than one picture to create a composite image (photo-montages), like this:

In both cases, it all starts with ideas and a commitment to have something creative, unique and artistic.

To help anyone that wants to become more creative with their photography, we've created this workshop with some fun activities to get your creative juices flowing.

I will guide you through 3 of my favorites techniques to create unique images so you can apply that to your future photos and projects. After the workshop we will have an evaluation session for those that would like to get feedback about their photos of the day.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a workshop about photography techniques (meaning I'm not going to be teaching how I took those pictures above). It's a workshop about how to ignite your creativity and the exercises I use to come up with my creative photos.

People that joined us before said:

"Excellent meet up, had a great time and learnt a lot of helpful tips for staying creative and nurturing my art." - Adam L.

"Thank you Juliana and Bruna for an insightful workshop! I will definitely be practicing what you went through and seeking out the creative shots! Thanks for putting this together. It was also really nice meeting everyone else :)" - Ravia K.

"Juliana and bruna thank you so much for this workshop. Its has really helped. Now i will be going out and looking for some creative shots." - Sital P.

As usual, all levels are welcome!

And let's get creative! Truly creative! ;)




2:45pm - Meet inside the gallery + check out the “Hive Mind” Exhibition

3:00pm- Workshop

6:30pm - End of workshop + Evaluation Session

About the “Hive Mind” Exhibition:

This solo show from multi-media artist Renee Rilexie “Hive Mind” addresses questions, asking what means to be human in the digital era. A series of mannequin heads is transformed by the insertion of thousands of metal pins and the application of mobile SIM cards, inviting us to question where humanity begins and technology ends.

Meeting point:

Espacio Gallery: Inside the venue.

Picture of the gallery:

What to bring?

- Please bring your camera or smartphone.

- A tripod (optional)

- An umbrella or a rain poncho (something to protect you from the occasional drizzle when we go outside). And if it rains a lot, we will stay inside the gallery.

PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason you are late or cannot make it, it's alright. :) Just please send me a message here or text me so we don't wait for you. The fee paid is refundable just in case the event is canceled. Thanks

Hope to meet you all!


(mobile number will be messaged for those that RSVP)

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