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While this group has remained and will remain inactive (in other words no events scheduled or run) during the lockdowns as the tours/meet ups cannot be run online, I am hoping after the 17th May to look at re-starting the Hidden London tours again as soon as the government advises that the lockdown is completely lifted or if there are less restrictions or fewer access issues. The safety of all members is very important to me, and since many places remain closed or many have access restrictions, the tours will only resume when everything returns to normal or as close to normal as possible.

In addition to that and as a new development to the group when tours start running again, I will be running 3 types of tours:

•The usual tours as described.

•The usual tours run around singles dating theme, with an added focus on fun and finding a dating partner while participating in the tours.

•Also the group will be venturing out of London, and the first destination in the Summer will be a day out in Arundel, where there are so many treasures to be discovered. I will be scheduling day trips to the seaside etc... Initially these will be one offs to places not to far from London, that continue on the theme of Hidden treasures that the UK has to offer. This is absolutely ideal for anyone that needs respite from not having had a decent holiday abroad lately(and possibly cannot take one right now): this option is cost effective and a great way to meet people and see interesting places.

More information will be provided once the tours start up again.

In the meantime, if you're interested in being notified of new upcoming events and dates please sign up as a member. Thank you for your patience, co-operation and understanding.


Why not be a tourist and an explorer in your own city?
Whether you have just moved to London or have lived here all your life, or if you live outside of London but always wanted to explore the forgotten or hidden parts of London: then this invitation is for you, if deep down inside you have an adventurer and explorer waiting to come out!
This group is being set up to run once a month Hidden London full days out to explore the wonderful, magical hidden gems of our unique capital ! The idea is to create a full day out every month of discovering London with fresh eyes and a spirit of adventure, adding a bit of old London and new London into the mix of discovery mainly focusing on hidden nooks and crannies that tourists overlook or don't know about.Museums, galleries,historical pubs,hidden alleyways, unusual places of historical value, restaurants that are a bit unusual etc... I have a few ideas, but would welcome yours.
-Exploring the borough of Charles Dickens
-Exploring the secret spaces of Bermondsey that includes an outside library.
-The idyllic ruins of St Dunstan-in-the-East.
-Borough market delicacies
-And a cornucopia of old hidden gems like a medieval crypt, the punishment cell of the Knights Templar, a church that shows scars from World War II, and the location of a long-lost Underground station.

It doesn't matter if you've lived in London for years and never really got to explore it properly or you've just moved to London to live here ...all adults are welcome.


This is for you if you are an adventurer/explorer at heart, you are open to new experiences,curious and energetic and enthusiastic about life and living in London and exploring its history and what it has become.

For me the lure of setting up this group wasn't just about getting out the house one day a month to explore London. It goes deeper than that: it's about creating a sense of novelty,awe and wonder about our lives and our surroundings. For all we think we know so well and there's nothing left to discover, once we decide we are at heart "intrepid explorers" in our own lives and in our own city then we can choose to see everything around us with curiosity and fresh eyes and a renewed sense of wonder. It's an almost child like ability of playfulness, that we tend to lose as we become adults. This is what I hope to achieve with this group: recapture our sense of playfulness, discovery and wonder, while making connections with others!

I spent years working in top 5 star hotels as a Concierge so I got to know all the secret places that few people know about in London. In addition to that I have a passion for London and it's unique character and all the gems it hides in plain sight!I have escorted some friends and even business clients through London and they all loved how they were shown parts of London they didn't expect to see, and how much they enjoyed it! Plus I feel extremely flattered that since I came up with the idea for this group(there was nothing exactly like this being offered on Meet Up before) that several other groups like this one have been set up, which is really exciting because any groups getting people out exploring London with a new sense freshness and curiosity is always a good thing!


Once a month I will be running a hidden London day out. These will usually be run on a Saturday or Sunday, so that anyone who works during the week, can attend. The meet up place will be sent three days before the event and the places we will be exploring during the event day will remain secret until we meet up on the day out when all will be revealed where we will be going for the day. Please note this is not being run as a traditional run of the mill guided tour. This is a group where I will be arranging the places we visit for the day(with everyone's input very welcome) I will give some information about each place we will be going to, however anyone wishing to give out additional info about any place we visit is welcome to do so. The idea is to have a fun,collaborative, interactive and engaging experience with everyone involved instead of having a guide person drone on about facts for several hours. Lunch will happen middle of the day(and a chance to rest our weary feet) and then we will end the day at a pub/coffee shop to grab a drink/beverage before we head home!

All you will need is a good pair of walking shoes, a brollie(just in case there are any droplets! This is London after all.. ) and a day pass to travel on bus/underground to get around for the day and on the occasion that we will need to go somewhere where admission needs to be paid, then each person needs to pay for this themselves.This will apply to having lunch or pub/coffee shop drinks/beverages too. I am planning to factor in as many places as possible where there will not be extra costs involved, however this is not always going to be possible. The £5 fee is to to cover the cost,time and research to put together these events. Please be aware that while I will be happy to take suggestions on board (and highly recommend it)this fee is not refundable if you do not like the places that we will be visiting, as my focus is going to be about seeing as much of hidden London as possible.So this means once we have visited a specific place we will not be visiting it again, unless there is popular demand for it. For those who prefer to see only hidden London that interests them then I would recommend using a higher priced,guided,organised tours being run in central London by tour companies/guides. If the current listed event for the month fills up, then make sure you RSVP when the following month's event gets listed, so as not to miss out!

And once we have managed to explore all of London who knows.... we can continue to explore outer London and other cities in the UK too!

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