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Why does less than 1% of the population own and control over 90% of Earths natural resources? Why do we allow this criminal cabal to make decisions that effect all life on Earth so drastically?
This group will meet regularly to discuss positive and peaceful options for the establishment of democracy in the United States and abroad!
Any person may join and feel welcome. No differences in ethnicity, belief system or social background will be discussed or acknowledged.
Some guided topics will include: Alternative energy technologies; The Federal Reserve central bank; Climate change and manipulation; Our food supply; Medicine (pharmaceutical and holistic); Media and other information sources; Spirituality; Analysis of past and present events in order to manifest a positive future... All Earth citizens are welcome. No topic is off limits!

*** This group was formerly called "Beat the Elite". One of the epiphanies we reached together was that NATURE THRIVES ON COOPERATION NOT COMPETITION! Symbiotic relationships between plants, animals, environments and microorganisms prove this to be true. Therefore "beating the elite" is unnatural (most of us are not going to bite the hand that feeds). We are now seizing our birthright by "Becoming the Elite". We are replacing the corporate cowards with a New Elite comprised of brothers & sisters who share in abundance and cooperate with neighbors.***

Post Script on "Patriots"... A patriot is "a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors." It is because of the Love & Care we share for our country that we fight against our government/politicians and any group that threatens our right to pursue Peace & Sustainability. These "Elitists" who pose as Patriots are in fact enemies & detractors. As TRUE PATRIOTS we defend what is good for our country:

#1 Keeping troops @ home & cutting the military budget

#2 Abolishing or significantly reforming NON-Constitutional government groups (the Federal Reserve, CIA, DEA, FDA, electoral college, etc.)

#3 Creating 100% Free healthcare for ALL citizens

#4 Criminalizing Income tax (our Nation was built from the ground up without it and it is UN-constitutional)

#5 Eliminate the 2-party system & allow All income brackets to run for office

We will Not be deceived. We will Not settle for the "lesser of 2 evils". We will Not compromise when it comes to the health & freedom of our country.

We are the True Patriots!

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