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Come enjoy workshops designed to help the regular person think about and implement new strategies for becoming a more integrated person. Discussions will include:

• Establishing personal boundaries and being aware of those who do and don't respect yours,

• Bonding with other significant people in your world which includes information to help you understand how you grew up in connection with your parents

• What works and does not work with the Law of Attraction and Personalities

• Personalities and relationships which will reveal you to a simple acronym to remember as you look at your own self in relationship to others and help you think about what part of your growth and development may have been unsupported and need a little support now.

I am a professional counselor and look forward to helping those around me learn healthy lifestyles. If you feel that your life does not need a new book club, meditation group and you do not need a new dance or yoga class, but something in how you look at life needs to change, then this is the workshop for you. It will take you to a new level with understanding how you and possibly others tick psychologically and provide you concrete ways to make the changes. The great news is that you won't have to pay the student loans!

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