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Our monthly meeting is on the 4th Monday of the month at 7PM

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Sept. 27th Meetup Program: Glen Ellman: Wow, that sounds like an interesting job

SPEAKER: Glen Ellman
PROGRAM: Wow, that sounds like an interesting job!

Glen will talk about the equipment and the working environment encountered on a daily basis as a fireman. He will discuss why you need to be aware of the deteriorating conditions and how to get the great shot at the decisive moment. Other points covered are why flash is not an option at times and how one deals with being harassed by bystanders that feel you are intruding on people at a bad time. And ultimately, what makes it an interesting job.

Glen Ellman is a photojournalist that specializes in documenting the fire service from inside the “lines”. Working with the Fort Worth Fire Department for over 35 years, he documents their many successes and some of their flubs (which aren’t many). As part of the brotherhood, he is allowed to photograph where he chooses and when.

Growing up on Long Island, Glen chased fire engines on his bike until he was old enough to drive. Ultimately he attended Syracuse University and graduated with a degree in photojournalism. After college he worked at various newspapers as well as the Associated Press in New York City. Leaving the newspaper world in 1999 he became a full-time member of the Fort Worth Fire Department as their photographer. His work is frequently seen in area newspapers and television newscasts as well as trade publications and fire related textbooks.
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Competition results will be shown after our program.
Our Competition topic for September was: "Open"

Description: “Open” means no assigned topic. We have free rein to challenge ourselves with the camera and/ or with post-processing.

We will hear comments/critiques from our judge, Jeff Parker
Website: https://exploreinfocus.com

The Zoom link for our September meeting will be revealed when you register for this event.

We also have a new In-Person Meeting Location for July through November.

The "Event Center" at Market Street, 5605 Colleyville Blvd in Colleyville, is reserved for every fourth Monday night beginning June 28 through November 22, for the purpose of the club returning to in-person meetings.

Market Street is located in the Town Center Colleyville Shopping Center on the SE corner of Grapevine Highway (SH26) and Hall-Johnson Road.

Mask/Distance: We'll use the Honor system for attendees -
no mask required if fully vaccinated and past the waiting period.
Mask required if not.

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