What we're about

We are a casual group of Portland women who like to get together to drink & learn about great craft beer and have fun with a bunch of great ladies! All ladies, ages 21 - 101, LGBTQ are welcome! Beer Necessities Mission: Give beer-lovers (drinkers, brewers, bartenders) an opportunity to meet other beer-loving persons & share some good brews and stories in the process. Only a love of beer is required, not any level of beer knowledge. We'll learn and drink together!

All BN events are Women or Women-identified ONLY, unless noted (i.e. when we crash public events like festivals, bring whoever!)

Feel free to reach out to me with any ideas of events that we could do! Especially looking for breweries or bars owned, managed, or employed by awesome ladies! Reach me at jillian@jbproductscorp.com

Back story: Sarah Eshelman founded Beer Necessities in Austin Texas in September 2014, a spinoff of her friend's group in Chicago. She then moved to WA and is head of the Seattle Chapter. I started a sister group in PDX because I wanted to join a group like Beer Necessities in Portland. Read more about BN-Austin here: http://www.austinchronicle.com/food/2016-07-08/barrel-fever/

I look forward to meeting you all! Cheers,

Jillian Francis
Portland Twitter: @jb_happyhour
Portland Instagram: @jb_happyhour

Seattle Twitter: @SarahBrews
Seattle Instagram: @EshelBeer
Seattle Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Beer-Necessities-Seattle/
Austin Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Beer-Necessities-Women-Who-Love-Beer/

Past events (46)

SheBrew Beer Fest!

Castaway Portland

Beer Nec PDX @ Unicorn Brewing

Portland U-Brew & Unicorn Brewing

Beer Nec PDX @ Culmination Brewing!

Culmination Brewing

Christmas Cabaret - Queer Eye for the Magi - 2019

Aladdin Theater

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