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Let's get this started!! Date/Location once we have a group! No agenda, no pitch, no bullshit. As always, come geek out, network, and have a good time. Booze and food is on somebodies company card (to a limit). If group size demands it reservations will be made, otherwise check the bar area or a hostess for the group. Starting in Seattle it's been a lot of fun over the years. The group has defined some "regulars" but we continue to host a diversity of interesting folks from all over the industry in all types of engineering roles. Locations will be dynamic throughout 2016 so keep an eye on that when registering.

Needs a location


    What we're about

    A monthly gathering for Phoenix area tech junkies. More specifically, those focused on data, emerging technology, and general IT topics. Industry vets, IT pros, nerds, geeks, tech philosoraptors, whatever.... Whether 5 or 50 this is an awesome opportunity to get together and talk shop, learn from peers, or just have some beers and a good time.

    No management, No selling, No recruiting, No problems. Telling people about your product or career networking is fine but people "leeching" on the attendance have not and will not be tolerated. Industry people or those with expense cards typically be cover festivities but this isn't a "sponsored" event and we don't intend to make it that way. Venue will be dynamic alternating between locations. If the group size demands it we'll book a location to support this growth otherwise ask location staff for the BwE group.

    If you're new to the group or haven't been out in a while we're a pretty dynamic crowd and always have a lot of fun.

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