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Slow Flow by donation at The Yoga Space West Perth Studio

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Syari J.
Slow Flow by donation at The Yoga Space West Perth Studio


TThis is a free community slow flow by donation class, where all proceeds (no mater how small your donation is) will go towards Operation Shanti to care for kids in Mysore, India. To find out more about Operation Shanti, please go to
I do not take any payments for myself for this class and neither the studio. This yoga class is purely by donations. Any amount of your donations is much appreciated 🙏.

Class is suitable for all levels. Whether you are new to yoga or seasoned yogis or even on and off the mat, this class is a safe space for everyone to experience. Mats and props are provided for you to use. Or you can bring your own mats if you like. Bring a towel and water bottle to hydrate.

This is a 1 hour slow flow Hatha Vinyasa class where you’ll have the opportunity to explore and challenge your strength, balance, mobility and flexibility. It will bring heat to our body and some will sweat more than others. I will guide you through the class where you’ll move with the breath through sequence of Asana (pose). Always practice mindfully and listen to your body. You are welcome to take a pause when need.

Please get advise from your Doctors if you have any medical conditions prior to coming to this class. Kindly let me know if you have previous injuries, so I can have a chat with you in private and perhaps offer you some variations that you can follow. If you are unsure or feel uncomfortable at any point, please come out from the pose and take a rest. Always remember to listen to your own body and practice mindfully. Your safety is your responsibility.

If you have any questions, comments about this class or other classes at The Yoga Space, please send your email to :

You can also find other classes at The Yoga Space timetable by clicking on this link:

Or you can save your mat space through
MINDBODY at The Yoga Space!

Please sign-in your name and email upon arrival. If you bring a 1+, please let me know and have your 1+ to sign-in their name and email as well.

Hope to see all of you here. All you need to do now is to show up on your mat and flow with me. Thank you everyone :)

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Namaste 🙏
79 Colin St
79 Colin St · West Perth, WA
How to find us

6/79 Colin St, West Perth, 6005 Saturday classes: Park free anywhere on Murray Street (near corner of Collin St)

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