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A gathering place for people forging new paths after trauma at work.

This is a safe space - no hate speech, bullying, harassment, or discrimination is tolerated. We value input from a variety of identities and will center the views, needs, and decisions of those who are not cishet white men.

I'm a 50 year old white woman leaving the tech world. As I talk about the harassment, bullying, and discrimination I've faced over the years other women open up about their own experiences. So many of us have no place to talk to others with the same experiences. Let's share our stories, our growth, our pain and joy. This is a place to talk about surviving and thriving, about careers, family, friends, life, work, play, and about disrupting the white patriarchy to nurture a new way of doing things.





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Henry's Tavern Bellevue

Relax, eat, share work experiences

Henry's Tavern Bellevue

Befriending Dragons Happy Hour

Henry's Tavern Bellevue

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