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What we’re about

("Currently Inactive" and not doing group rides, but I have some one-on-one rides available. I have moved to the Tustin Irvine Newport Beach area so riding there now. I'm very busy with my Intermediate Group. But I may have occasional openings for "one and one sessions". So you can send me a message thru this meetup with your questions and or what you would like to do. Then you can sign up as a new member with a reasonably current photo and answer the profile questions so I have an idea of what you are about and what you want to do. Thank you for your consideration. Robert) 


Every ride is a new fun adventure. See new places and meet new friends and even get a little exercise in the fresh air all at the same time.

Introduction: I would like to teach you the basics of cycling touring and utilize my over "15 years of experience" to help you get started so that you can have as much fun as I did over the years and am still having, but learn it in a much shorter time than it took me. I bought my first bike in 1993 a Schwinn Hybrid 21 speed, still have and use it. But it took me until 1999, almost 6 years before I discover the organized "Fun Rides". My first one was the L.A. Marathon Bike Tour where they closed off all the streets in downtown L.A. to host the marathon which was 26 miles long and with about ten thousand cyclists attending it was fun. Then we got to watch the marathon right after. So cool and inspiring.

My favorite ride now is the Tour de Palm Springs held every February. They have 25, 55, and 100-mile rides. I prefer to do the 55 miler, as it is very doable, and I can walk away at the end and go about a normal routine. Plus I get to visit with about 8 thousand of my closest cycling friends from all over the country, on the ride. There are many more fun rides around but now that I have done most of them, I prefer to do my own. I am lucky to be good at directions, maps, and logistics so I design my own rides with the ride with GPS ap, such fun.

So I can be a "Tour Guide" as well. Just tell me a destination and I can make it happen. Some tours that I've done outside of Orange County are Oceanside, Solana Beach, San Diego, Palos Verdes, Santa Monica, Griffith Park, Santa Barbara, Solvang. My latest was 3 tours around San Francisco and Tiburon, just awesome cruising the Golden Gate Bridge.

This is a "fee-based" and casual bicycle training program to show you the basics of cycling, and getting your mileage up, and getting to know your bike from front to rear, and all the necessary equipment that you will need to be self-sufficient on the road. Yes, that means fixing a flat tire. It will come in handy when you find yourself alone with a flat tire.

This is a "ten-week course" and every week we will learn a new part of cycling, from basic signaling and bike path protocol to learning proper shifting and cadence. What equipment is needed, lights, tools, and when should you eat, and good hydration, and more.

Every week: I can answer all your questions, talk about training, check your bike and equipment, make adjustments, discuss the pending ride, and food after. Then as the saying goes: let's get the show on the road! Let's go Ride!!

All your questions will be answered from training to hydration to equipment to setting your goals. So bring the list.

"To Qualify": You should be able to ride a distance of at least 10 to 15 miles easily at an average pace of 11 to 12 mph, and at speeds of 13 to 16 mph on the flats, to start this program. Those cyclists doing less than that may inquire about private, one on one, lessons. Just send a message.

I am a very calm, casual, and easy-going, t-shirt and mountain bike shorts, kind of guy, so no pressure and no worries there.

Most important is to bring your good attitude and willingness to learn and be ready to have some great cycling fun. 

We will meet at various Orange County locations at Parks or near cycling trails. The Santa Ana River Trail is the most well know and longest trail in the O.C. so we will meet near there and also near the Back Bay in Newport Beach probably the most beautiful in South O.C.

Meeting times will usually be on Sunday morning or even a weekday morning depending on when the majority are able to meet up.

Class size will be limited to a small group, probably a half dozen or so, as to give more individual attention, so sign up soon in order to be sure to get in.

I will be giving some instructions and coaching you along the way besides just cycling and setting up a program for you. <br>

"The Fees": The special group rate will be $149, or averaging $15 per week, for the ten-week course, for the time being, but after the first of the year then it will be at the regular price for new members of $199. Renewing members will stay at their initial rate. All funds need to be paid upfront. I'm not set up for plastic so cash or check will have to do. Just bring it to your first meetup. There are No Refunds but you can get credit for missed sessions and make them up later. In Group rides: friends or guests may ride on occasion for a small fee to be determined. 


                          " One on One Personal Training"

 One on One "personal training" is available also. $25 per hour. Presently $149 per 6-week course, or 6 sessions, plus equipment, if needed.

One on One or two on one "trial" session is $25 per person. A two-session special, for a limited time, is $40 upfront. Routes to be determined. Check previous rides from the website.

Bike and equipment available too subject to supplies.

Get ready for some great fun and adventures on the trail and have some Happy Cycling!!!

Hope to see you all there on the trail very soon, Robert


Waiver and Release and Hold Harmless <br>

Bicycling, as with other sports, is a potentially hazardous activity, and that serious injuries or death can occur from accidents, negligence, or carelessness. You are voluntarily participating in these cycling events and agree to “assume all risks” associated with participating in these events, including, but not limited to, illness, injury, falls, contact with other participants, effects of the weather, traffic, and conditions of the road, all such risks being known and appreciated by you. <br>

You should understand that you should not participate nor allow any minor for whom you are responsible, nor allow any friend, relative, or anyone else, to participate if you or they are not in good health and in proper physical condition, and understand and can perform basic cycling skills.

In consideration of your membership into this Club, Beginner Cycling Adventures, or even riding as a guest or participating in any form, you “release” and "hold harmless" Beginner Cycling Adventures and all Organizers, Assistant Organizers, Ride hosts, Ride Leaders, any other participants, or anyone else associated in any way with Beginner Cycling Adventures, from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of participation of these cycling events, even liability arising out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the event organizers and other people or organizations supporting these events.

Beginner Cycling Adventures reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion and without notice to revoke membership in Beginner Cycling Adventures. 

Also by joining or even riding as a guest of Beginner Cycling Adventures, you understand and have read all of our 'Safety Pages' under the heading "Pages" towards the top of our front page, and listed under "Table of Contents" at the bottom of the first "Page".

You understand and agree that maps and routes that are shown on the website are provided for your convenience only and do not guarantee a safe route. You will need to download your own route slips/ cue sheets & map from "Ride with GPS" for each ride, and that you understand that we do not have any designated 'sweepers' or SAG support.

I hereby grant permission to Beginner Cycling Adventures to use any photographs, motion pictures, any type of videos, recordings, or any other record of these events for any legitimate purpose.

You agree to wear a bicycle helmet and exercise bicycle safety while riding with Beginner Cycling Adventures. Thanks for understanding the above and now let's go have some great fun cycling!!


Gear to bring: 

Required: bike, helmet, water bottles, pump, tire lever, and tubes

Recommended: clip pedals, shoes, and road-specific bikes for advanced riders. Beginners should try flat pedals with no clips, but if you have some experience I highly recommend SPD clips and adjust them to the easiest setting so they will be easy to get in and out.

Additional: gloves, bike shorts, jersey, sunglasses, computer, CO2 cartridges. Other bike tools for adjustments, chain, spokes, etc.

Winter gear options: head, arm, leg, and neck warmers. Long finger gloves, base layer, tights, wind vest, and jacket. Thermal jacket and pants. Rain gear.

Before every Ride-

Pump up your tires

Check the forecast to see what gear you should wear.

Hydration starts days before your rides so keep hydrated throughout your training. Carry a water bottle with you always.

Eat something within 2 hours of riding. No heavy carbs or fatty foods right before riding.

Pack 2 water bottles and energy snacks for the ride.

Keep bike bag stocked with tubes, tools, and cartridges or pump which should be attached to your bike

During your rides-

Wear your helmet

Use hand signals and call-outs like “on your left” or “car back” and point out obstructions on the road to other group members.

Ride single file on busy streets and narrow trails.

Ride defensively. Don’t assume the car will stop for you. Make eye contact and use hand signals.

Use your gears and breaks properly. Ask if you have any questions.

Drink water whether you are thirsty or not at least every 20 minutes.

Communicate your plans if you plan to leave early.