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Meteor.JS with React

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In this class we’ll build a simple web app using Meteor JS (, a full-stack JS framework, and React (, a component-based library that represents a major paradigm shift from other front-end frameworks.

Topics covered will include:

• A quick intro to Meteor and React.

• How is React different from Blaze? (The default view/rendering layer for Meteor)

• Setting up a Meteor app for use with React.

• Creating a component hierarchy with “controller” components and “dumb”components

• Understanding the difference between component props and component state.

• Setting up routing with FlowRouter. (A Meteor router package.)

• Setting up login and authentication.

• Managing data and subscriptions in React components.

• Creating reusable components.

• Communicating with parent components. (A common challenge for those new to React.)

• And more...


• Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and use of a command line terminal.

• A laptop with a code editor of your choice installed. We’ll be using Sublime Text (

• We’ll be using Mac OSX. However, Meteor is available for Windows and Linux as well.

• Please be sure to install Meteor ( prior to class.

• Having git ( installed is also highly recommended. (Each step in the course will be a git branch.)

Recommended Reading/Viewing

• Intro to Meteor by Matt DeBergalis, one of the creators ( - A great overview of the Meteor paradigm.

• React: Rethinking best practices ( - A must-see video for anyone who wants to understand the thinking behind React.

• The state of Meteor: Part 1 (, Part 2 (, Part3 ( - An opinionated overview of the current state of Meteor.