UnityNYC Workshop - Spatial Audio using Bose AR

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Beginner Programmers
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Bose AR is an audio-first approach to augmented reality. Bose AR-enabled headphones and glasses have motion sensors embedded inside that can detect your head orientation and body movement while you wear them. Bose AR-enhanced apps can then use this information along with location data from your mobile device to offer you tailored audio content.

Filip Baba is senior developer advocate for Bose and a co-organizer of the Unity NYC meetup. As a veteran community educator with his very own Anyworld.com, Filip will expertly brief attendees on Bose's AR offerings, prepping us to join in on the various code jams and events Bose AR continues to organize around the city. This workshop promises hands-on SDK experience and general AR advice.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you there!

And now, the usual note from our wonderful event host:

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