What we're about

At this Santa Monica beach workout ALL ARE WELCOME!
The workout will be geared towards beginners to help people find a space to start their fitness journey and create lasting & transformative friendships along the way.
All workouts are calisthenics (meaning using your own body weight only, such as squats, pushups, planks) based, so you can take them with you and practice these moves anywhere at anytime! The workout is full body with an emphasis on activating and strengthening our cores.

A quick breakdown:
Meetup at 8am Sunday morning:
10 minutes cardio warmup
50 minutes of calisthenic strength building
30 minutes of slow flow yoga to cool down & thank your muscles

Donation based class

About the teacher:
Nataly is hooked on the beauty of body weight beach workouts & wants to share this wonder with anyone interested in transforming their lives. She is a dedicated personal trainer and yoga instructor, certified through ACE for personal training & Yoga Veda for yoga instructor.

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