What we're about

Beginning Web Development is designed to bring together people who aspire to become web developers. Whether you're looking to dabble or make it a career, this group can help you learn the fundamentals of web development. We'll cover basic topics including:

- How websites work
- Basic Javascript

We'll also cover more advanced topics, such as:

- Advanced Javascript
- Different JS frameworks/libraries
- Server-side scripting
- CSS pre-processors

If you're interested in learning any of this, you should definitely join!

Upcoming events (1)

CSS - You Either Love It or Hate It

6490 Hazeltine National Dr

We will be going over the basics of CSS: IDs, classes, pseudo-selectors, and pseudo-elements. Plus, learn some tips and tricks practiced in the real world. We will be building upon the existing HTML you have done for the assignment.

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Introduction to HTML - Get the boring stuff out of the way first

6490 Hazeltine National Dr

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