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Behavioral Design Network is a community of practitioners who improve people’s lives and services’ effectiveness by fusing knowledge from behavioral science with (service) design.

BEHAVIORAL DESIGN is an endeavor of steering what people do (behavior) by means of controlling the context / environment in which the behavior occurs. Changing Behaviors through Design. More on Behavioral Design (!behavioral-design/c6pv)

We welcome practitioners and academics from all fields that deal with human behavior: Service Design, Health & Wellness, Behavioral Science, Communication, Public policy, Financial services, Social Development, Marketing, UX, Research, Advertising, Environmental Conservation, Education etc.

Join and take part in knowledge sharing and networking. We are in Washington DC Metro Area. We’re also on Linked In ( and Twitter (

Our take on DESIGN:

Graphics and computer code are for design like canvases and paints were for Rembrandt’s paintings.

Without great canvases and paints, Rembrandt couldn’t express his genius and we, 400 years later, couldn’t admire his works. Nonetheless, we marvel at Rembrandt’s paintings for very different reasons than good canvases and high quality paints.

DESIGN is about how lives and experiences can be improved, how humans’ interactions can be smoothed and how we can help people reach their own goals.

Behavioral Design Network DC continues the legacy of the Design Alexandria Group founded in 2012.

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