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Living in one of the most polluted, fast-paced, unforgiving city puts your mind and body under unseen stress. In our group, we discover how each other manage and balance ourselves on a daily basis. If you ever felt like you need to 'escape' the city, or are in constant need of a holiday... maybe it's time for a sanity check, too? A sanity check helps us keep in mind what's important in our lives, how to juggle weather that seems to be inhospitable and aggressively fatal. It's how a mindful mindset and a minimalist approach to everyday living keep us balanced, happy and at peace?

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Stress and the City
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I hope to share some of my stress management techniques on how I cope with city living. The changes I've made in my life, how I've become more mindful in my everyday life and the journey it takes to get there. I'll share with you mindfulness techniques of Making, Meditation and Movement.