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Looking to reach your full potential? Come along to my Being At Your Best Workshops for women aged 18 +
• Increase your self-awareness & inner resources
• Build confidence and trust in yourself
• Improve your self-care and self-compassion
• Connect with yourself and others from a place of greater ease and openness

My aim is to give you the opportunity to engage both your body as well as your mind. These workshops are both informative and experiential. I will be sharing knowledge, encouraging discussion and offering activities to be done individually or in pairs.

And feeling safe matters; when we don’t feel safe we can’t be at our best, pay attention or take in new information. So whilst I will invite and encourage you to take part in the activities I offer, it is always your choice as to how much you participate.

My experience has taught me that the most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves, so do come along and connect with your best self in a safe and supportive community of women. I look forward to meeting you.

Please note that whilst the outcomes might be therapeutic I am not offering therapy in these workshops. I am very happy to talk with you if want to find out more about 1:1 sessions.

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