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1. You found us! RSVP ASAP for the next Gathering! We try to do one once a month!

2. BRING A FOOD ITEM TO SHARE W/ 3-5 PEOPLE. (I will supply drinks...)


*Full disclosure:: ... if “religion” is making you a better human— hooooray for you! It worked for many of us for a long time too! However, most who come to our Gatherings are processing what life might look like “post-religion...” Many came to a point where the values and tenants of their “religion” went against some core tenants of what it meant for them to be fully “human.” Hence: BEING HUMAN. Though some are still a part of these religious structures/communities, most have left, are in the process of leaving, or are considering leaving their religion and communities of old, following the internal call to BEING HUMAN.

“What does a typical ‘gathering’ look like...?”

- 6-6:45 Get settled in, meet new faces, encourage old faces, snack/munch/sip.
- 6:45-7 Settle in to one space for a large group-focused discussion on some random topic or activity (also: restroom time...)
- 7-7:30 Foster discourse and try our best to STAY on that one random topic/activity...
- 7:30-9 Wrap-up group discussion then leave/bounce or get cozy/stay a while and snack/listen to stories. A good time to learn someone’s name that you’ve been talking to the whole night but were too embarrassed to ask them again right after they just told you but now it’s been almost two hours and you realize you’ll be friends no matter what...

For “new” people— we have had multiple “new” people come every time, so you shouldn’t feel out of place. If you don’t believe me and think you will still feel out-of-place, just bring a really good food dish to share with 3-5 people and you will win them over with your delectable goodness.

For returners, bring a food item to share with 3-5 people just because that’s what we do—

Play area for kids.

:::A gathering of humans around shared values and practices— putting the emphasis on BEING HUMAN rather than on “beliefs”... maybe doing things like CONNECTING, and CONTEMPLATING, and CRITICAL THINKING, and CREATING, and BEING COMPASSIONATE.

WE would love to reflect on these themes with anyone wanting to add some input to what these gatherings would look/feel/be like. Until then, OUR commitment to you reading this is to foster this kind of atmosphere/space for those gathered.

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