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In this meetup series we want to discuss with you on various aspects of the digital transformation to your life and society at large. The technological development that is called Digital Transformation might often be implemented by technicians but there is much more: it requires a continuous dialog between those creating technology and those using it or being affected by it! Topics of our work include but are definitely not limited to work life, education, ethics, society, governance, art, legislation, and technology.

The so-called Digital Transformation is omnipresent and irreversible. It affects all strata of the population and all areas of life. To promote dialogue between algorithm creators – often computer scientists – and users, the German Chapter of the ACM created the Forum Being Human with Algorithms ( https://being-human-with-algorithms.org/ ) on the occasion of its 50th anniversary under the leadership of Marc-Oliver Pahl and Gerhard Schimpf.

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