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Welcome to the Tribe of Seekers and Explorers who are interested in evolving with ease and pleasure. We host educational and social events with a focus on creating sex-positive, poly-friendly, kink-friendly community. It is a place to share the journey with like-minded friends and Lovers. It is a place for us to be reminded that Love is an Intention, and that we are all deserving of joy and pleasure. Celebrate your victories and growth with us. Share your obstacles. Create deeper intimacy, by sharing and letting us see you. Invite us to do fun things with you! Everything and everyone is Welcome. This is a space of gender inclusivity, and all relationship orientations as well.

Be sure and check out our signature offering - Being Socials. "Being Socials" are a fun way to meet new people, and get to know your friends even better. We'll also have events online and other event organizers will bring their own talents and expertise to you as well. If you are interested in organizing events for this meet-up, let us know.

Learn more about the mind behind this MeetUp on our website www.pleasureevolution.com (http://www.pleasureevolution.com/)

Rebekah brings a mind, body, spirit approach to all of her work in order to help people cultivate their unique sexual authenticity. Now based in beautiful Land O Lakes, Florida, she sees comes to Asheville several times a year as well as working with one-on-one clients over zoom and phone. She facilitates retreats, play parties and workshops mostly on the East Coast of the United States but is quickly expanding worldwide. Her work runs the gamut from BDSM techniques to intimacy and relationship skills for better sex. She employs multiple modalities to help her clients and students become empowered, including talk counseling, tantric rituals, energy healing, Access Consciousness®, meditation, journalling, body work, role play and technique training. Her light-hearted approach will leave you entertained, educated, and transformed.

We are interested in building community with other like-minded people, having fun social events all over. However, this is not a dating group and NOT a way to find casual sex. Please be respectful and keep in mind that we are here to make friends and mingle, but not provide a dating service. Please only write to other members if you have met them in person and asked permission

In that spirit, we will address each and every issue that is brought before us. If you are receiving unwanted attention from another member and you've told them to stop, please contact me immediately. We strive for a safe and pleasurable environment for all people.

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In person Being Social - Asheville July 30th

Online event

Join our community of Pleasure Evolutionaries for an afternoon that will bring together people for fun, support, and deepening friendships. The structured authentic relating games make it easy to get to know people, and be seen yourself. The conversation ranges from deep and touching to candid and hilarious. Bring a chair, and a snack for the break.

Intimacy is more than just physical touch or sexual appetite. Your soul and your heart want connection too. That’s why Pleasure Evolution hosts our bi-weekly “Being Social”: a communal event crafted to foster the love we feel for ourselves and the connections we feel with others.

Being Socials have a structured conversational format. They consist of communication games and activities that encourage authenticity and emotional transparency, and whether you’re quiet and shy or raunchy and kinky, this judgement-free space can help you build social skills and confidence. In addition to baring our souls, we are inviting you to bare the rest of you.


The only expectation is to show up and BE. Whoever you are, however you feel, this is a space of total acceptance. The gathering follows a structured conversational format. Facilitated by Access Consciousness CFMW, Sex and Relationship Coach and Healer, Rebekah Beneteau of Pleasure Evolution ( and sometimes friends).

Join us for an evening of communication games that make it fun to give and receive attention. You can meet new people who are interested in heart-felt sharing. You can also learn more about the friends you already have! Come meet our tribe of Pleasure Evolutionaries, interested in emotional transparency and creating a world where Love is an Intention. Non-judgmental, from vanilla to kinky, come be yourself. Participants range from quiet and shy to outgoing and inquisitive.

Being Socials allow you to experience love in a new way. You will gain social skills and confidence. You can make new friends and lovers. The conversations are structured but candid, from raunchy and hilarious to deep and touching. Here you are invited to BE yourself without judgment!

A private message will be sent with the log in details once you pay

Reminder that RSVP’s are on many sites, so don’t let low replies turn you away. Newcomers must arrive on time, we will close doors at 6:45.

Looking forward to seeing you IN PERSON!

Learn more about Pleasure Evolution on www.pleasureevolution.com

Cost $10

Loneliness is a choice. Connection is a choice. See you there!

Sign up here:

Access Energetic® Facelift

A private home in East Asheville

The Access Energetic Facelift® is a dynamic yet gentle hands-on body process that deepens and quickens the body’s natural healing
capacities, allowing the cells of your face to reclaim their natural glow, youth and beauty.

This process is for anyone interested in looking and feeling more energetic and youthful. The Access Facelift also can contribute to
overall healing, well-being and ease in the body. Anyone can learn this simple technique. Learning the Access Energetic Facelift with
a friend is particularly empowering, so you can gift and receive the benefits of this dynamic process on a weekly basis. The Access Energetic Facelift can also be a brilliant addition to any business working with clients and their bodies – beauty, wellness, massage, and more.

Half price for repeaters. Children welcome, free for 15 years old and below, half price for 16 and 17 year olds.

Investment $300 /$150

Sign up here: https://pleasureevolution.com/product/access-energetic-facelift-class-asheville/

Facilitated by Rebekah Beneteau, AFF, ABF, SOPP, CFMW, AHP*

*Access Facelift Facilitator, Access Bars Facilitator, Symphony of Possibilities Practitioner, Abuse Hold Practitioner, Certifiable Fricking Miracle Worker

Flirtation Café and Polarity Playground - In Person

This is an in-person event in Asheville NC.

What would your life be like if you flirted with everything and everyone, in a way that was non-intrusive, and could be received? Learn to access your inner feminine and masculine energies and play with them to make your relationships more fun and juicy.

What is your inner masculine, and inner feminine, and how can you channel either of them with ease, knowing which one will create the most in a given situation?

Would you like to learn to flirt better? Join us for an evening of exploration into the polarity of the energies commonly called Masculine and Feminine. Whatever body you were born into, we all have within us both energies. Being able to flow between them can make all relationships more enjoyable, and can help you flirt better.

Co-facilitated by Transformation Facilitator, Rebekah B and Sex Positive Workshop Leader, Joseph F., we will be working in break-out rooms by your identified or chosen gender, to access our inner feminine and masculine, and then coming together as a group to play on the polarity playground, to see what this dance can look like in real life.

All gender and sexual orientations welcome, if you identify as non-binary, and wish to attend, you may go with whichever group feels most resonant to you. During the Flirtation Cafe, why not try out your charm on everyone?

Investment $35

Pre-registration required. RSVPs are on many sites, so don't let low turn out here deter you.

Sign up required here: https://pleasureevolution.com/product/flirtation-cafe-and-polarity-playground/

Access Bars Class – Asheville

In Person

Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly, and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life.

These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

The Access Bars class is a single day, 8-hour class. You will receive a comprehensive manual and in-depth head charts to assist you in learning Access Bars and becoming an Access Bars practitioner by the end of the day. In addition to learning Access Bars, the manual is full of life-changing tools, questions, and processes from Access Consciousness. This class is much more than learning a new energetic modality . . . in addition to exploring the manual and the hand positions for the 32 bars-points, you’ll be invited to the change that you know can be, and is, possible!

Would you like to quiet the monkey mind? How about moving beyond your limiting beliefs? Join me to learn the tools that can enable you to change ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING you choose.

-One Day
-Two times giving and two times receiving
-One certification allowing you to give sessions to friends, family AND PAYING CLIENTS
-A technique that can change thousands of lives.

Half price for repeaters. Children welcome, free for 15 years old and below, half price for 16 and 17 year olds. Times are EST

Investment $350/175

Pre-registration required. RSVPs are on many sites, so don't let low turn out here deter you.

Sign up required here: https://pleasureevolution.com/product/access-bars-class-asheville-2/

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I’ve Got You – Group Coaching Zoom

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