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*** Calling all my Desi homies who grew up in America during the 21st century ***

Are you a fan of self-reflection? Stimulating yet respectful discussions? Wine (or your favorite beverage of choice)?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, are you itching to discuss the issues/subjects that we as Desis of first-generation immigrant parents have specifically experienced in the 21st century?

Then this is the Meetup for you! :)

The goal is to discuss topics that have impacted us, our peers, and/or the rest of our surrounding Desi community. Because we were born to first-generation immigrant parents, we have all experienced a myriad of issues that are specific to this community. I want this to be a space where we can openly respectfully voice our thoughts on these issues.

Ideally, I would like for us to discuss one topic per event, and for each of you to suggest a topic to discuss each week. This way, we'll end up discussing all the topics that we're all passionate about :)

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, all events will take place online via Zoom. I will be sending out the links in advance. Anyone from any city is more than welcome to join (and is encouraged!)

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