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The Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing is a volunteer-run non-profit spiritual community working to unite people from all spiritual paths for the glory of oneness. Bringing together the vast array of teachings from the world’s greatest spiritual traditions we inspire hope and healing while transforming ourselves mind, body, and soul for the highest good.

As an open and supportive community, we facilitate a sacred space for each and every seeker of truth to find the tools they need to heal and grow as spiritual beings of love and light. Our in-house facilitators provide holistic health coaching, complementary and alternative healing modalities, and spiritual development all under one roof. Together we learn to identify and overcome the obstacles in our lives that prevent us from living a life of peace and contentment.

Some of the topics we cover are Metaphysics, Psychic Development, Meditation, Spirit Guides, Astral Projection, Akashic Records, Hypnosis, Essential Oils, Alchemy, and The Healing Arts such as Reiki, IET, Divine Alchemy Healing.

*Please Note:
We offer an open community space where many people come to share their ideas, and opinions about life faith and spirituality. We may not always agree with these ideas but do support the rights of those expressing them. Furthermore, We are not Doctors or a medical treatment center and as such can not diagnose or provide professional medical care. Our facilitators are well trained in their particular areas of expertise but any teachings or information given in a group or individual setting should be regarded as opinion and not mistaken for professional, legal, financial, medical or other advice that one would normally seek professional counsel on.

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Old Soul Wisdom with Diana Luz in person and online

Online event

Join traditional teacher Diana Luz for an intimate backyard discussion of spiritual wisdom and practical teachings from the Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrial Brothers, Metaphysics, and Esoteric Knowledge. In these sessions, Diana sweetly offers her support and insights for the group that is present. At times guiding meditations, offering useful spiritual tools, or delivering channeled messages from Ascended Beings of Love and Light. We are in trying times, and we all need a bit of guidance and understanding of the new world we live in. Come and join us once a week and bring your thoughts, concerns, and questions or just come to enjoy the conversation and energy. Space is limited for these intimate and personal sessions to ensure everyone has an opportunity to be engaged. Address: 1102 Melrose Ave Elkins Park, pa 19027 We will also be offering zoom space. If you would prefer to social distance and attend via zoom please text me Ileana at [masked] and we will get you the link. Diana Luz is a powerful spiritual teacher, from a line of profoundly strong and powerful women. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she has lovingly shared her teachings with all that seek what she has to offer. From founding a Temple and co-creating a spiritual brother/sisterhood, to inspiring her daughter to create the Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal healing. She shares practical wisdom with a kind and compassionate heart.

Welcome Home, Breathwork and Meditation in-person and online

Welcome Home, Breathwork and Meditation We would like to invite you to our home for a Virtual Backyard Breathwork and Meditation session geared towards spiritual practitioners of all levels. In this session, Dennis will introduce some basic concepts of Pranayama (breathwork) that will profoundly affect your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. As such, it will help in opening, balancing, and expanding your energy fields. The meaning of the word Prayanama: The word Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that is derived from “Prana” and “Ayama.” According to yogis, “Prana” is the universal life force that is omnipresent. No living being is an exception to this energy. It’s also considered as the unifying force that binds all life in the entire universe. “Ayama” is the method of conscious controlling of the life force. It’s the technique of stimulating and guiding this energy within our body. In a way, Prayanama is a bridge to our inner Divine Consciousness. How doing Pranayamas help us: *Stress Less *Cleanses Tissues *Cleans Lungs *Improve lymphatic System *A Glowing Complexion *Reduces Depression *Creates a Steady and Controlled Mind *Live Longer Life *Aids in Weight Loss *Spiritual Awakening and Tapping into Your Higher Self *Awakening Your Kundalini We will begin the session at 6:00 pm and conclude by 8:00 pm. We have chairs available for those that need them. If you plan on sitting in the grass, please bring something comfortable like a blanket to sit on. See you soon, Ileana and Dennis Topics Covered: Introduction Basic Components of the breath Taking a Proper Breath Breathing Exercises for Purification A Gently Guided Meditation Closing Discussion Want to learn more and practice before our class check out this Easy and Powerful Beginner Pranayama and Meditation Video -- Calming Clarity in less than 30 minutes: https://hashtagspirituality.com/an-easy-powerful-beginner-pranayama-exercise/

Past Life Regression (Group Session)

Pebble Hill Church


=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-= PAST LIFE REGRESSION (GROUP SESSION) A Guided Meditation Experience =-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-= . . . . Do you feel an uncanny connection to places or cultures you have never experienced? Have you ever wondered why the same thing happens to you over and over and over again? Have you ever thought about why you have such strong reactions to people you just met or hardly know? If you are like me you are curious. Always searching for insight and answers to circumstances that affect your life. Looking for a deeper connection to the world around you. Seeking understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. Past Life Regression can help! It is a safe relaxing process utilizing guided imagery and visualization techniques that anyone can do. As you become more relaxed the facilitator will gently guide your journey with verbal cues that allow you to investigate various incarnations of your past. Exploring your past lives is one of many powerful techniques that can help to heal the past and improve your present. . . . -._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.- Come and Join Us for This Group Session ͢͢Discover Your Past! Learn the purposes and lessons of those lives. See the power of their influence now. -._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.- . . . This event is a group regression session that will focus on taking you back to the past life that is the most relevant to you at this point in time. After the regression, you will have an opportunity to sit and journal about your findings and the experience and let it sink in. We will also share or discuss what our experiences were and how they associate with our present. . . . If this is your First Regression, or You have always been Curious --this is the Perfect Opportunity to Give It A Try! . . . -=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=- What to bring -=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=- . -Yoga Matt or something comfortable to lay on the floor with -Pillows to make yourself comfortable -Extra Blanket to keep warm -A Journal and pen if you would like to write your experience down *People often feel thirsty after these events - consider bringing a favorite beverage Cost: $20.00 =-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-= Let us know you will be attending! RSVP TODAY! =-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=

Experience the Healing Entities of Casa Dom Inácio Healing Meditation

Suggested Love Donation $10 (https://www.paypal.com/donate/?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=EZ3T2MPT9PH66) Details: Experience the Healing Entities of Casa Dom Inácio Healing Meditation. This experience is loving facilitated by Paul; his guidance helps create a sacred space for you to connect with these incredibly powerful Spirits of Healing through a gently guided meditation practice that can be done anywhere at any time. The Healing Entities of Casa Dom Inácio have been working for over 30 years in Abadiania, Brazil, manifesting healing miracles for people worldwide! These healing spirits include many great beings, both known and unknown. The most famous entity of this group is St. Ignatius Loyola, the entity for whom Casa Don Ignacio is named. Other entities include Dr. Augusto de Almeida, a surgeon. Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, a very famous Brazilian doctor that is widely celebrated for his work in relieving yellow fewer and the Bubonic plague, and Dr. Jose Valdivino, and many more. When a person visits the Casa Dom Ignacio, they are met in the spiritual world by entities that ensure their care. Every soul is carefully watched after and guided so that they may receive the healing they need. Many options may be presented as a means of healing, including meditations, crystal beds, or cleansing in a sacred waterfall. Some people choose to receive spiritual intervention, which comes in the form of a surgery. The healing rooms at Casa Dom Ignacio manifest powerful experiences through the Entities' power and the Faith of those that have been called for healing. While on our last journey to Brazil we spoke to the Entities about the Being One Center, our goal, and mission of uniting the spiritual community as one and creating a space for healing and education on all levels. Through a special petition we were granted permission to work with the Entities and Energies of Casa Dom Ignacio to facilitate transformative healing experiences. Please join us for this healing experience. We offer this event in the spirit and love and service, This a Free Event Donations to support the community Are Always Appreciated. (https://www.paypal.com/donate/?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=EZ3T2MPT9PH66) Some Guidelines To Keep In Mind While in The Healing Rooms -Wear white or light-colored clothing if possible. -As you prepare for the meditation allow yourself to enter a quiet, contemplative state, filling your mind with loving, grateful, and positive thoughts -See yourself in perfect wellness of body, mind, and spirit. -Be SILENT at all times to maintain the sanctity of a healing space and to allow others to remain in a state of inner reflection. - Keep your eyes closed and ensure you do not cross your arms or legs as this helps to enhance the flow of energy through your body - Give thanks to the entities and compassionate spirits for their assistance. These protocols have been implemented to maximize the effectiveness of the treatments for the benefit of all present.

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