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The Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing is a volunteer-run non-profit spiritual community working to unite people from all spiritual paths for the glory of oneness. Bringing together the vast array of teachings from the world’s greatest spiritual traditions we inspire hope and healing while transforming ourselves mind, body, and soul for the highest good.

As an open and supportive community, we facilitate a sacred space for each and every seeker of truth to find the tools they need to heal and grow as spiritual beings of love and light. Our in-house facilitators provide holistic health coaching, complementary and alternative healing modalities, and spiritual development all under one roof. Together we learn to identify and overcome the obstacles in our lives that prevent us from living a life of peace and contentment.

Some of the topics we cover are Metaphysics, Psychic Development, Meditation, Spirit Guides, Astral Projection, Akashic Records, Hypnosis, Essential Oils, Alchemy, and The Healing Arts such as Reiki, IET, Divine Alchemy Healing.

*Please Note:
We offer an open community space where many people come to share their ideas, and opinions about life faith and spirituality. We may not always agree with these ideas but do support the rights of those expressing them. Furthermore, We are not Doctors or a medical treatment center and as such can not diagnose or provide professional medical care. Our facilitators are well trained in their particular areas of expertise but any teachings or information given in a group or individual setting should be regarded as opinion and not mistaken for professional, legal, financial, medical or other advice that one would normally seek professional counsel on.

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Sunday Service

Being One Center (Warminster)

Doors open at 10:30 Service starts 10:45 Being One Center for Spiritual Studies and Universal Healing is an organization dedicated to helping you discover your deep inner passions. To awaken the Call of Spirit in your life. Our Sunday Services are a place to celebrate Spirit and to Experience the beautiful messages Spirit has to offer. Come and join us Every Sunday at 10:30am in receiving messages delivered by our Highly Gifted Channelers from the Ascended Masters, Angles, and other High Vibrational Beings. While our services cover a wide range of spiritual topics and beliefs we are firmly committed to an open and loving acceptance of all spiritual traditions. It has always been the intention of the Being One Center to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people from all faiths to find a home with other like minded spiritually curious peers. We strive to create a space where anyone that is seeking love and light can come and find spirituality that resonates within their own heart. From time to time we welcome Inspirational Speakers from various Spiritual Traditions to help you discover your path back home to Source. Ascended Masters The Ascended Masters are an elite group of highly advanced souls that have dedicated their existence to the upliftment of the human race. Some of the most notable spiritual teachers of all time are considered to be Ascended Masters. Jesus the Christ, St. Germain, El Morya, Quan Yin, Mahaavatar Babaji, Gautama Buddha, and many many more. These masters are able to communicate with us through our own inner practice of meditation, writings, and prayer. They are also able to connect to us through the use of a Channeler. A channeler is person with a spiritual gift that allows them to become a vessel for the masters to use to deliver their messages. When a person is channleing a message often times their mannerism change as well as their vocabulary. At our Sunday Services Ms. Diana Luz often channel the masters to deliver their messages of hope, peace, and love. The ArchAngels Michael the protector and leader of all angels, Jophiel an illuminator of wisdom, Chamuel the ray of love, Gabriel purity discipline and order, Raphael healing, Uriel Peace, Zadkiel forgiveness. Each and everyone of the Archangels carries with them a specific aspect of God’s Unconditional love. They are able to manifest that energy in our lives directly or through the many angels that work under their guidance. As messengers of God they often come to speak giving insight in to the world around us. Sometimes they speak of divine love other times they give transformative healing meditations and techniques. Extraterrestrial Light Being While channelings of our Extraterrestrial Brothers of light are not as common at Sunday Services they do from time to time deliver messages. It has been said they have been with us since the creation of earth guiding us from behind the scenes. There are hieroglyphs of E.T.s all over the ancient world. Many ancient and modern legends tell of their wisdom and knowledge of technology. Stories have been told about UFOs appearing over nuclear missile silos shutting down our weapons as we were on the verge of war with the Soviets preventing global catastrophe. While there are many different types of E.T.s throughout the universe we work with those that are of willing service to the Highest Good for all beings. What People Have Said: “Another great Sunday service! These are the perfect way to start off a brand new week :)” -Kristi “5+. Amazing people; great space and vibe. I will definitely be back.” -Karen “Loved the energy today. Always divine, always amazing!” -Sam “Just wonderful…. treasured moments spent experiencing the divine inspiration of Wisdom Incarnate. A thousand “Thank Yous”” -Toni “It’s always a pleasure to come to Sunday service” -Nicole Please note that our service is bi-lingual (Spanish-English)

Medical Intuitive Reading with Jennifer

Being One Center (Warminster)

Medical Intuitive Reading This approach to reading is unique in its own right. No two readings are ever the same. In a Medical Intuitive reading the most prominent energy signature will be brought forth and how it is impacting you to this present day. There will be an exploration of all energy bodies and a Soul to Soul connection. This is where the story of you will unfold. Jennifer’s style of reading is genuine Seership. It does not limit the reading to only one aspect. Blending mediumship, medical intuition, psychic, oracle cards, etc. so you will receive the most beneficial information to help you on your journey. There is also healing that may take place when stuck energy patterns are remembered, recognized & cleared. Cost $100 x 1hour reading While engaged in a mediumship class Jennifer discovered her gift as a Medical Intuitive. During a reading of a friend she felt a strong pull to energetically tune into his heart. It was as though a video camera was attached to her 3rd eye. She clearly saw the heart of the man sitting in front of her. Seeing that the valves were clear & everything looked great, she then shared that information to the class. Her friends’ feedback was he indeed had clear valves and he was going into the hospital the next day for maintenance surgery on his heart. This experience came out so unexpectedly and left a bit of confusion. Jennifer’s teacher, Leslie, turned to her and said “ I think you are a Medical Intuitive. “ With not knowing what that even was, from that moment on, it started her on her path as a Medical Intuitive. Medical Intuitive readings or any intuitive, mediumship, or card readings are not intended to replace any existing medical, psychological, legal, nutritional or other health protocols that you are currently under the care of. Although there may be a feeling of comfort, this must be stated as a disclaimer, “for entertainment purposes only.” For any medical problems or concerns, please see your primary care physician. Jennifer is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Medical Intuitive by Tina Zion, RN and has over the years studied mediumship under Tony Stockwell. Here at the Being One Center she continues to teach a Development Circle every other Tuesday since 2017.

Private Intuitive Healing Sessions with Kristie Ferguson

Being One Center (Warminster)


Throughout our lives we experience traumas. We deal with their effects, work through the pain, do our best to heal and move on. But without fully releasing, the energy of that trauma is stored as a seed somewhere in one of our bodies- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or an etheric body. We remember that pain- those feelings and emotions-and work pretty hard, subconsciously or unconsciously, to avoid it again in the future. We bury those seeds deep down. Unfortunately, ignorance, avoidance and fear water the seeds and they reappear throughout our lives, manifesting as blocks, obstacles, and stagnation. This buried energy can be triggered and brought forward, and will start causing issues in present time! All of this changes who we are at our core. It lends to molding our decisions, actions, thought patterns and relationships. These energetic blocks take us further from our authentic selves, and make it more difficult to live joyful and fulfilling lives. They make it harder to do our work! My gift to offer is to find these blocks, remove or transmute and transform them, and then plant new seeds to help you manifest your highest possible experience. I will send you off to the path of your true authentic self! Kristie has been practicing energy reading and healing work in our local community and online for over six years. From oracle and lenormand card readings, intuitive healing sessions, energy body scans, medical mediumship and beyond! She is a Reiki Master Teacher, and a student of spiritism, metaphysics and alchemy. Also now leading classes and workshops throughout the area!Kristie's passion is to remove unnecessary suffering from her clients, thus empowering them, and to lead them to a path of positive forward progression! 50 minute session is $75 Can be scheduled a few different days and times throughout the week!

Part II of A Personal Guide to Meeting/ Working With Your Spirit Guides: 4 week

Part 2 of A Personal Guide to Meeting Your Spirit Guides This will be a 4 week course In this unique and intimate class Leslie will guide you through various activities, including practical exercises, and meditations that are focused on helping you to get to know one of your Spirit Guides. This workshop is a continuation of the 3 week course given earlier will span 4 weeks and in this time Leslie will work with you in a small group setting teaching and sharing messages from your Guide. .

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