Introduction to Dowsing, History and Practical Applications with Scott

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Scott Anderson

Scott is a golf course superintendent at a high profile private country club outside of Philadelphia. He’s a
member of the American Society of Dowsers and is also interested in alternative healing methods, earth
energies and electro-magnetic fields. After purchasing a Scared Cubit Light-Life Ring in 2005, his passion
was igniting for dowsing, earth energies, environmental clearing, electrical magnetic fields and the Light-
Life Tools phenomenon. Scott, along with is wife Susan have done Geopathic Stress clearing work on
many homes, farms and businesses since training with Slim Spurling. He is an expert in the Slim Spurling
Method of Geopathic Stress Reduction.
Scott’s wife Susan is the author of the book “In the Mind of a Master”, a must read for all who want to
learn more about Slim Spurling and the many applications of the Light-Life Tools.
Introduction to Dowsing and Noxious Energies- Geopathic Stress and Electrical Magnetic Fields
Presented by Scott Anderson
Presentation will include
*Introduction to Dowsing, History and Practical Applications
*What is Geopathic Stress? What causes its health effects?
*How to locate and remediate Geopathic Stress using the Slim Spurling Method
*History and Applications of Light-Life Tools, including sacred geometry rings, coils and harmonizers.
*Real life stories of health affects of both remediating Geopathic Stress and use of Light-Life Tools.