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The name says it all! Always in a good mood to talk about our journeys of spirit.

True You Awakenings

1111 S. Orchard St ste. 220 · Boise, ID

What we're about

Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Do you feel the need to meet with others going through this too? Do you ever feel the need to just share what you are experiencing and learning? To talk it out, maybe get some feedback? Some place, with people who won't look at you strangely when you share? Maybe even come out of it with an expanded perspective, to help make sense of it all? Or at least a bit of it? (small steps!) The hope is to build a loving and supportive community of spiritually awakening people, actively moving towards being more awake, more personally empowered, more alive, and in love with their lives. People interested in sharing their own journeys. And valuing and enjoying the journeys of others. That is the goal of this group. To provide spiritual support and guidance when necessary. To help untangle the mixed messages from the different perspectives on spiritual awakening, and the planetary awakening happening now. We are in a time of massive shifting and change. Where this is actually leading, is anyone's guess. So having a place to relate, grow and heal (when necessary) is a valuable thing, indeed. Having social support is so helpful during the awakening process. So, join us for coffee (or whatever), some conversation, a bit of community building, and bunches of acceptance and Light! Namaste!

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