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ATTENTION: We are now virtual, on Zoom. So anyone from anywhere on the planet is free to come and join us to talk about their ongoing writing projects, fiction and non-fiction!

We've been meeting for three years now. We started as a small local group here in Western Massachusetts and have grown steadily over the years. Our sweet spot is helping each other write, edit, and publish our first novels. Today, some of our members are working on their second or third book. We also have short story writers, poets, and memoir writers in our group.

The best time to come is on Sunday afternoon. Expect to introduce yourself, and tell us about what writing project you're working on -- or are looking to start.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOUR FIRST MEETING: Join this group, and add your photo and bio, and tell us what kind of writing you do, and what you're looking for from a group!

We're also an accountability group. People who come every week will set goals for the following week, and then report back on how they've done.

But you don't have to come every week. Some people stop by every few months or so to check in with us on how they're doing, get for help on something specific, find beta readers, or just meet with fellow writers when they need some interaction with people who understand what they're going through.

We're not a writing critique group, through many members have found critique partners here. And we're not a "sit and write silently" group, though we DO have a daily Zoom call that people can drop in on for silent writing with (virtual) company.

We're affiliated with the Strawdogs Writers Guild. Their website is here: http://www.strawdogwriters.org/

In mid-2020, during the pandemic, several of us helped launch an online sci-fi magazine, MetaStellar, as a place to publish our speculative fiction short stories. Since then, we've published more than 500 pieces of fiction and non-fiction, grown to between 10,000 and 15,000 pageviews a month, started our own YouTube channel, and, yes, we pay for stories -- 8 cents per word.

MetaStellar is run completely by volunteers, and all money raised goes to pay for original fiction.
Support us on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/MetaStellar
Our website: https://www.metastellar.com/

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Sunday Afternoon Writers Meetup

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Meet fellow authors and chat about your monthly writing progress!

Have fun interacting with wordsmith pals and get advice, feedback and motivation from them! You might even find beta-readers in this group.

The format is: People introduce themselves, say what they're working on, and, if they're facing a challenge, explain the problem and get guidance. Time available for each person will depend on the number of attendees. We will also watch a youtube video or two about the craft of writing, preferably relevant to an aspect of writing that was mentioned by one or more participants.

This meeting is online and you have to have a free zoom account to join.

You should do a couple of things before joining your first meeting if you've never used Zoom before.

First, install the program. Zoom will walk you through it when you click on a Zoom link for the first time, but I suggest doing it ahead of time, so you can take your time, and work out any kinks you might have without being under any pressure.

If you are on a computer, go to this page: https://zoom.us/download

The first download button is the one you need if you're on a computer. It's called "Zoom Client for Meetings."

If you're on an Android phone, you can download the app from the Google Play store:


And, on an iPhone, the Apple app store:


I (Noreen Brenner, the meeting's host) write hard science fiction and have an educational background in science (master's degrees in molecular biology and bioinformatics, nearly a PhD in neuroscience). I am very interested in Einstein's theories and quantum mechanics and refer to them in my fiction. In addition, I am a certified German to English translator, specializing in translating scientific and literary texts, with decades of experience in translation. I have also worked as an editor, science editor, high school science teacher and science tutor.

I look forward to seeing you in the meetings!

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Sunday Afternoon Writers Meetup

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