What we're about

This group is for anyone who wants to speak and study Japanese. All skill levels are welcome, even native Japanese speakers.

We will have three different types of meetups, Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced, and Special Events.

Beginner/Intermediate is for those of you who don't yet feel comfortable holding a whole conversation in Japanese. We will try to have a topic or grammar point that we'll focus on and practice using. Questions in English are fine, and explanations will be given in English.

Advanced is for people who feel more comfortable having a conversation without too much help. We will keep the conversation in Japanese as much as possible, hopefully 100%. We might have a topic but we might just chat.

Special Events are just that, special! They might be held for holidays or just for a get-together. These are for all levels and there is no requirement to speak or practice Japanese (but it'd be a good idea of course).

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Beginner/Intermediate - Friendship (Conversation Practice)

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We're going to try something a bit different!

I want to focus on speaking in this meetup, so instead of writing a passage before you come, I'd like you to prepare at least three questions you might ask another person on the topic of friends and friendship. If you have time, also prepare a small vocab list of words you think might come up in the conversation.

Advanced - 雑談

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Beginner/Intermediate - School Subjects

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