• Dataviz Belgium, Spring Meetup

    Ordina Belgium

    Hi All, We are getting ready for our 2nd Dataviz Belgium Meetup, next week the 24th of April at Ordina in Mechelen. After the welcome at 19:00h, we’ll give you an update about our growing member community. Our own Maarten will present an introduction to the Datavisualization Society and how we can all benefit from it. We’ll also have a round table discussion about workshops/education by and for our Dataviz Belgium community. And there is an excellent line-up of speakers: Sven Charleer: "Data-driven dialogue through collaborative dashboards Ordina: De Lijn project" Thomas Roelens: "Dataviz @ De Tijd" Marian Eerens: "Tintin Project" Leenke De Donder: "Towards a universal color legend for chocolate Easter egg wrappers" Niek Bartholomeus: "openthebox.be" And to top it off, at the end we have a tasteful and pleasant surprise offered to you by Ordina. So, don’t hesitate and register for this Meetup! See you soon, Stijn & Maarten Organizers Dataviz Belgium Meetup

  • Dataviz Belgium Meetup Kick-off


    Dear Dataviz enthusiasts, We are ready for our first meetup. All topics should contribute to our main objectives: build the Belgian Dataviz community, share ideas and have fun! This is how the programme looks: We will welcome you at 18:30h. Maarten will talk about 🇧🇪 Dataviz in "Belgium's Got Talent". We'll run a little live survey to get to know ourselves a bit better. Includes cute live barcharts! Than we'll give the stage to our 6 speakers, for a 5 minute lightning talk each. We are very looking forward to have: Annekatrien Debien: Earth observation data, not just a pretty picture Alexander Koch: How did I get here? Daniel Vidovsky: Storytelling in music- a lifelog chapter Suzan Baert: When the request isn’t really to deliver a dashboard… Karim Douïeb, Jetpack.ai: Inspire and be inspired Eline Cornelissen: Designing tangible data” And then, before giving the final word to Datylon, the sponsor of our first meetup, we'll elect a logo for our community! We also would like to hear from you about your expectations and hopes for future meetups. And after that, it's drinks and networking! We close at 22:00h. Don’t hesitate to comment. See you soon! Stijn & Maarten