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We would like to take this opportunity to invite you, your kids and your family to come and meet, play, know each other or learn to code in the Minecraft universe.

Maybe you are just curious and want to come and see what it is. Ever wonder what your kids are playing? Or you do know and want to learn more or share your knowledge?

@Meetup Event:

• the kids can all jump on a communal Minecraft server (if they like) and play Minecraft together. We usually pick a server that one of our members runs so that the kids can play safe.

• Our kids can meet new friends in person,

• We can coordinate games, play-dates, and servers.

• Adults can meet and share tips and challenges in supporting our kids playing Minecraft. And help each other learn the many ways of Minecraft, mods, servers, coding and how our children are learning about learning.

Meetup longtime Goals:

• Regular Meetups

Let kids meet other kids

• Adult meet other adults

• Run managed servers for kids and adults

• Minecraft Competition (Creative stand-off, Person versus Person, Team based)

• Learn kids to code It`s not just a game, you can create games inside Minecraft or do whatever you want. Minecraft has a lot of different aspects that can be used for education.

• Building things let them be creative but also learns them insights about how to make things.

• They can re-create real electrical circuits with Redstone or create a computer to do calculations.

• I made a full automatic farm with my daughter that will gather all crops in a chest, instead off farming them by hand.

Another aspect of Minecraft is the small step it takes to programming. Letting kids increase the strength of an explosion with Java in Minecraft gives them an instant result. Learn to code is much more satisfying if you can tamper with videogames.

See you soon

Bring your laptop with a genuine version of Minecraft when you want to play.

Or bring your laptop for Java related questions.

This is a family friendly Minecraft event. That means all Minecraft fans are welcome, but minors are requested to be accompanies by an adult guardian.

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