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This is a Belgium-based group for anyone interested in Natural Language Processing. In our meetups, we'll give a stage to researchers and industry experts that apply NLP in industry and/or academia. We invite everyone with an interest in NLP and related domains (text mining, artificial intelligence, data science, etc.) to join.

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17th Belgium NLP Meetup: NLP for Good

KU Leuven Campus Kulak Kortrijk

For our 17th meetup, we're teaming up with KU Leuven Campus Kulak, whose renowned Francqui Chair was awarded this year to Antal van den Bosch, Professor of Language, Communication and Computation at Utrecht University. Antal is one of the pioneers of Natural Language Processing in the Low Countries and has made a lasting impression on the field with his research on, among other topics, memory-based learning. For more information, and the list of connected events that will be organized by the university, please visit the website of the Francqui Chair.

In our meetup, Antal himself, Guy De Pauw (Textgain) and ‪Veronique Hoste (Ghent University) will talk about how NLP can be used as a force for good in our society.

This is the provisional program for the evening:
7pm: Start of the presentations
8.30pm: Round of discussion
9pm: Drinks and refreshments

Textgain and the edicts of the politically correct elite
Guy De Pauw, Textgain
Developing NLP for Good technology is a thoroughly rewarding experience, especially if you get to deploy it in practical use cases. But you do make some enemies along the way. In this presentation, Guy will give an overview of past and current Textgain projects on the automated detection of hate speech, and the continued backlash that we are proud to endure.

NLP for good: from supporting the individual to society at large
Veronique Hoste, LT3, Ghent University
In this talk, I will discuss three projects at LT3 with potential benefits for society. How can NLP support (mental) health care organisations in their daily practice? I will report on the results of a project supporting platform moderators to timely detect signals of depression or suicidality and on the current collaboration with neurologists to classify headache diseases solely based patient input. In the last project, I broaden the scope to the often overly simplistic algorithmic steering of our online news consumption leading to the consumption of news that is in agreement with one's own views and discuss how automatic news event detection and implicit sentiment analysis can be used to break through this filter bubble.

NLP for good: Moderating public debates
Antal van den Bosch, Utrecht University
One of the ways in which NLP could contribute to society is in the public space. Although the places where debates are held are diversified with new media, debates still happen and are able to attract their sometimes large publics, gaining impact and influence. Well-informed debates, with room for different viewpoints but with a constructive undertone, are considered ‘good’ debates, supporting and even strengthening democracy. Insofar as debates are held over textual media such as discussion fora, NLP can be used to help moderators and editors channel online debates more efficiently as they strive towards publishing ‘good’ debates on their platforms. I review past and current NLP and information retrieval projects showcasing what can be done with NLP towards better and more efficient decision-making by moderators and editors.

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