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This is a group for DevOps, DevSecOps and Software Engineers / Evangelists interested in using or already using the Nexus platform (Nexus Repository, Nexus Firewall or Nexus Lifecycle). If you are based in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and you are familiar with Nexus, Jenkins, Atlassian, Xebia Labs products, Git, Docker, Clair, Maven, Jira, Micro Focus Fortify or DevOps tool chain components, then this definitely the group to join. If you utilize open source components in your SDLC, you should absolutely be a part of this group!

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Govern Malicious Risk From Entering Your Software Supply Chain Infrastructure

The Log4j vulnerability provided an end of year wake up call for all organisations that rely on open source software to run their businesses.

The exploitation highlights the risk of using open source software, as bad actors continue to remotely alter the log4j project and companies are still struggling to identify, fix and stem the flow of vulnerable versions into their ecosystem.

Join our webinar and see how the Sonatype customers were able to identify and fix log4j vulnerable versions. The Nexus Platform allows you to analyze newly released components and determine if they have been compromised, even before component libraries and open source package managers such as npm and PyPI.

You’ll learn how to:

Identify and block security vulnerabilities in applications like Log4j, Solarwinds, and CodeCov attacks
Find vulnerabilities in the software you built AND the software you use
Ensure software applications cannot be exploited
Ensure the best security solutions are implemented to meet corporate and industry compliance standards

Registration link => https://www.sonatype.com/resources/webinar-q1-2022-emea-govern-malicious-risk-from-entering-your-software-supply-chain-infrastructure-jan-27#register-now

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Elevate 2021 - Nexus User Conference

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